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Default Raven Academy [Remake] (Everyone is welcome!)

NEW NOTE: If someone has been inactive for at least 1 day (eg. Due to being grounded without notice, internet wouldn't connect, etc), then you may CONTROL THEM.
New New Note : If someone has been inactive, then control them. But do not over do it, or do not do it by the character's request (ex. Sandrie doesn't want anyone stuffing words into her character's mouth).

If you do not know how to role-play, see the sticky threads made by Godbot3000.

Yeah um, so first things first.

Can't post in the other one since them people r inactive and the last post was from December. So preventing Necropost, I will start the new Raven Academy Role-play.

The same stuff from the old one:

You will use your registered RP character for this roleplay. Everyone is welcome. Let's try not to go overload with people o.o
**Your Registered RP Character is in the Characters section.

Where the idea came from: This is just a roleplay Echosong based on one of her books. None of the characters will be the same, (I took Kerri from a completely different book she's writing XD) but the beginning is the same, basically.

Plot: The Raven academy was a very ornate boarding school. The dining room, Bedrooms for the students, Everything about it was elaborate and showy. The school has many classes, including Sword fighting, Magic, and the normal school subjects. There are 70 floors, floors up to 49 with 100 bedrooms. It was a very rich school, and had the highest education possible. But, despite this elaborate exterior, the school had very dark secrets hidden under the surface. The school's headmistress is never seen outside her room, and the students all are constantly told not to go above floor 50... What is hidden up there? Will we ever find out?

How your character got here: There are two ways your character can come into this roleplay: They are a student and their parents decided to send them here, or They came here to find something. Either way, once they got in, they were told, just like all the others, to NEVER go above floor 50.

NPCs: The desk lady: Can be played by anyone. She tells them what room to go to. The only other time she MIGHT be played, is if one of our characters try to sneak to the 50th floor.
Amanda: A know-it-all and tattletale. She is the headmistresses daughter, and she is not very nice. Anyone can play her. She will only be played in the later parts of the roleplay, though.
Terri: Rydia's friend that she met in the Academy. She has healing magics. Only PrincessLenne can control her.
Kai: A new found friend Rydia met (See Page 10). He specializes in Spell Blading, or adding elements/effects to his sword. Anyone can control him.
Random Kids: Anyone can play them. It's for events like overhearing gossip, they run around looking for something, etc.

More NPCs will be added as the story progresses.

Extra: You MUST stay within the time line of the last posts, otherwise it'd be a bit confusing. A bit of a time warp can happen though. If anything not important happens in the moment, we can skip it (example, its gonna be bed time. Nothing important happens during the night? Okay, skip to morning)
--If you are in Floors 45 and above, you will sometimes hear noises from above the 50th floor. Will you try to advance on?
---You can use stuff from the old Raven Academy role-play.
----If someone is not on because they are asleep, eating dinner, going out, etc, YOU MAY CONTROL THAT PERSON ONLY ONCE.
-----Events like suddenly meeting someone (see the 3rd post) will happen probably. You can control other people's character at those kind of moments.
------If someone takes your spot in a post, edit it. Sorry D:

**Your character can enter at ANYTIME. But, you have to catch up on your own. Long post, short post, doesn't matter.

All Current Characters in Role-Play :

Rydia - PrincessLenne
Leda Swan - Krakas
Micajah Fatik Adolphus - HolyAbyssal
Yoruhime Shuiro - Yoruhime (Away due to some camp trip, I believe)
Rayne Falkner - Sandrie
Leht Therthar - RoflKnife
Makuro Mito - Silver Rook

Have fun!

Okay, Let's start. I'll post once more when someone joins and does their thing.

Rydia's important keepsake was stolen. She was told that it was hidden within a school. Learning more information, she learned the Raven Academy had it. She decided to become a student and was happily enjoying this school. Her dorm room is Floor 49, Room 487. She has three beds in the room.

On the first day of Rydia's lunch time, numerous kids stared at Rydia's strange clothes. Rydia looked around. Terri dragged her away from the entrance of the cafeteria to get her some lunch. Rydia grabbed some rice balls and sat down at a table with Terri, no one else was there.

Rydia is in the offensive magics class to practice her Black Magic skills to improve her power. She is the top student of the class.

Out of Character : The reason why Rydia has three beds in her room is so that two people can move in :3 The room is a bit big though. Actually, all rooms are o.o

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