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Default Yuki PvP

Tips and Tricks that will aid you in PvP:


This is your main starter, and your main combo-continuer. In a straight line, it is infinite.
Do NOT rush it, as it will result in you going under/giving unneeded height, unless of course you're preparing for a skill that needs such height, such as pillars.

As said before, do NOT! rush this. Let your >>A push the opponent away far enough so that your S will not go under/miss it's 2nd hit. This is CRUCIAL For out-of-wall AAS shifting.
You will use this after pretty much all of your strings to connect them.

You won't use this one too much. I can think of two ways it can be used.
1: Tourny Style- use this and AAA when you run out of AA's (above) allowed
2: Out-of-wall shifting- Particularly useful when, following a wall, nearing a corner. Use AAA turn A shift.
3: Into-wall shift- When comboing along side a wall, if you have enough height, you can AAA, then turn towards the wall at a diagonal. If you dash A in that diagonal again, and turn to your opponent and hit S, this can be a nifty tool for getting closer to your opponent, which you might need to out-of-wall shift.

EXTREMELY useful string right here. It allows for undershifts with minimal drop, as the S moves you forward yet doesn't push your opponent away. You can do it at practically any height. Only problem with that is you have to be close, as you want the S to land you directly underneath your opponent allowing you to make the most minimal dash out possible.

This is how Yuki can continue to melee after hitting a wall/corner.
When about to hit a wall, (say, facing 6) Use AA turn9 S turn2 and continue from there.
For Out-of-wall, get close to your opponent (let's say, following the bottom wall, facing 6) and do AA turn8 S 99A (delay) S. It's important that you include the delay there.
Out-of-corner shifting is fairly easy. It's similar to Dainn's. Facing 6, bottom wall, get as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to your opponent without going under. It is important that you keep him as low to the ground as possible. Then do AA8S 88AS
When using AAS as a starter, you can do it again ONCE more before you MUST dash AS to continue the combo. AAS AAS AA will NOT work.
When AAS'ing along a wall, you can AA, turn into the wall S, turn back and continue.

The last S on this string gives 2x as much dmg as a normal hit. Fairly useful for damage and avoiding Tourny string repeats.

--Ice Rain Shower--

1: The opponent is right under you. You will do 3 fast hits. Shift ASAP after those hit.
2: This is where you want to land it. It will hit twice, twice again, then once more.
3: You do NOT want it here. It will only hit twice.
4: The four corners. They will do 3 consistant hits.
5: Three hits, same as the corners.
6: Will only hit once, then drop your opponent. BUT, if they wake up before you are finished the skill, they will get hit with 1, maybe 2 Icicles.
7: It doesn't start hitting right away and only hits twice. If you're close enough, it will act like #1, though.

--Ice Pillar--
If the opponent is slightly offcenter to the right of you, use this skill at semi-low height, as the first pillar will hit.
If he is directly in front of you or to the left, this skill will need a LOT of height to hit.

--Ice Giant's Fist--
Will need a decent amount of height to hit for an inescapable reset or in air.

To make sure you don't eat a wake-up attack for both this and pillars, use either CBD (Cold Blue Dragon), which will hit them after you've been knocked down, or cold nuclear (aka. nuke) If you mess up and he wakes up into the nuke, you will have enough time to backdash and use Ice Arrow (add Ice Dragon Heart before IA if you feel he might escape it).

--Cold Whirlwind--
Yuki's #1 skill. It can serve as a reset, or a catching skill (Like Sieg's voke) when combined with IRS.
Skills you can use after to reset:
1: Ice Bomb
2: Ice Rain Shower -my fav, as you can aim the IRS to hit 5x, or 3 fast hits which will allow for an easy under-shift
3: Element of Freezing -use a flinching skill after the freeze to complete the reset, such as backdash IDH/IA (Or nuke for a longer freeze and use IRS)

Yuki PvP Build:
Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)

All other skills I think are self-explanatory, but if anyone has any problem with using any other skills in pvp, lemme know and I'll put them up here.