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IGN: anieve
Class: lancer
Guild: FrenchBread?

LaTale IGN: ani (hopefully I can keep this o.o)
Real Name: Evelyn
Nicknames: ev or ani whichever's easier ^^
Birthday: August 28
Hobbies: ermm.. I like playing cute mmos (yes they have to be cute >:O), watching anime/doramas/some American shows, music, reading manga and fiction novels, messing around with photoshop tho recently I've been getting into pixel art 8D, and SLEEPING! :3
Favorites: There are too many D: What kind?? -flails- Ok well I'm currently obsessed with fruit smoothies. Jamba Juice and Naked Juice totally own all of my money T.T~ I also love tapioca... -wants some now...- Hmm I've recently been watching MacGyver (-is a total dork-) It caught my interest after Mythbusters did this special MacGyver episode ^^ And I found out CBS lets you stream it for free!! uwa ha ha~ As for music my favorite changes a lot so it's hard to say ^^;; It's usually always foreign though I do like some English music.
Dreams: Be happy! Ok seriously? Uhm.. find a job that I can enjoy doing for the rest of my life T.T...
Bio/Other things about you: Let's see... I'm from Texas and I'm currently in college. I'm working on a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Digital Media. I don't really like my CS stuff tho T.T... So I'm hoping when I graduate I'll get a job in something shiny and digital media related. Tho... That's really general @.@;; Er... Right now and until I graduate I'm working in a media lab on campus where we basically get contracted my professors to do projects. Right now I'm working on a game built in flash >< -has no flash experience- Er... other than that I'm a pretty quiet/boring? person. School and work basically rule my life ^^;;

Yay! Profile done :3 Now I should upload all those screenies I took >>... -goes to eat breakfast instead- XD

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