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Default My nations gs

Your guild seems pretty good in genral so wont need to go into it much just wanted to let you know how as the organizer of our gs runs the teams we have. Taking only about 20 ppl with us

Tower attack:
We have 3 ppl on taking down/killing towers. 3 ppl all soloing now you might think yer for good high lvl ppl thats ok but at lvl 120, 111, 112. they do a very good job at it.

this consists of 2 teams a single solo guy to actualy defend the tower/watch for mobs. while he fights off mobs coming to our tower/cookie so does the other team of 2 people (quicker and easier faster killing to clear the cookie. but a point you might wan tto add is the single person IF the cookie does get engaged would be to go into the fight kill everyhting but 2 mobs. although weak and pretty much defenceless the tower does attack and can be healed by cookie defence's shamman/oracle/monk. and stalling this out will ensure you will only get in like one fight per lvl of the map. although a boring job in genral is massivly important to the overall complesion of the dungon. So a high lvl guy that dont mind doing much in the ND but for the benifit of the others in the nation (can swap and change every dungon) while the other 2 guys are fighting off mobs around the cookie and ready to help if need be.

So with then 6 main people fighting away that leave 14 left all these are trash groups groups of 2 ppl each to just genraly clear octo and other mobs in all lvls.

Carrying this on through out the whole dungon ppl know what they doing no changing about ect it should good smooth and in good time.

Points to make:
DJ fight on last floor the 2 defence guys clearing cookie run right through to take on DJ joined by one of the tower teams. (as there is 3 rooms Dj's room and towers each side. a fast done lvl and not to hard this is the final stage of the gs. (make sure they party up so no shadow looting as this can ruin the drop from DJ)

Make sure to announce a few times no one under lvl 95/500K might should even attempt to enter this dungon. one lvl 35 goes in fights a mob does nothing and dies. this leaves 3 mobs then they need to be killsed so 3 mobs turns into 9. being egar as low lvls are to help they might come into dungon again so all in all in 5 mins they have made one easy to kill mob into 18 comsuming alot of time in genral.

and last have one person calling the shots. dont have ppl just coming in joining groups ect take names down and say basicly if your names not down well you wont get a reward and YOU make the parties not them. yer everyone would love to go on trash mobs get exp/gold and loot but if this happens all in all you will fail. i think i got basicly most things :P (dont hold me to that ill re read some other time and make adjustments it is 5AM so yer)

P.S sorry for bad spelling although english not one of my strong points but it is readable right?? correct it if you really want

but a good number to have is about 20 people thats 12 boxes each not to bad really considering this is not an amazingly hard dungon. with a few boxes left over incase ppl joined or to add on next time.

but like i said all in all good guild. but it is sometimes what ever works for the nation/group of ppl doing it. Kanox