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Default Build Advice and HP Increase

Alright, I have 1 main character at the moment (Sieg) and 2 others that I deleted and am now in the process of remaking because I totally effed up the builds (Krieg and Ryan).

I am a stage player, I rarely PvP, therefor I had some question to ask about the importance of HP Increase. My Sieg at level 78 has no HP Increase and I find with the extra point in damage skills I can still hold my own.

The problem I am finding is Krieg and Ryan, Ryan I find has very low HP, and I find when I get hit I die quite quickly, so I added HP increase to his build which does reduce the amount of points I have for better skills. Also, I find Krieg is fine and he can heal himself so I haven't added it to his build but have saved the points just in case.

These are my current builds, excluding Sieg because nobody needs to see his.
Ryan (5 points left for 4th RB skill)
Krieg (11 Points left for HP Increase and 4th RB skill)

Just wondering what people thought, and if/what I should change. I have played Sieg since OB, I am not too good on the build of other characters. :X