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Originally Posted by RoflKnife
Woah, you can check formulas and stat tables with it too? Do want.
Unfortunetly, not with this program. By data tables I mean ones that link things like meshes, textures, and icon data and not actual system computations. Sorry.

The closest thing to that that's available are the game's various unpackers, though they're limited to unobfuscating the game's dat files and not an actual decompilation of the game's main program(which is where the formulas should be).

Originally Posted by Silver Rook
I'm neutral as far as all this wiki stuff is concerned. I just want to have fun playing ECO and help out community as a whole in ways I can. Nothing against MMOG; if it was anyone else I would have done the same thing. Now that I've had the chance to post on it's forums and read what some of the ECO fans here have had to say I'd like to continue posting here.

If I could make a suggestion, please advertise the wiki more. Actually, I have a lot of suggestions. X_o

Originally Posted by Noperative
Well, I can't really blame him/her for wanting to distribute it. It was already a pretty selfish idea to try to keep the info to ourselves.
Glad you understand. I really agonized over it, but in the end, my desire to benefit an entire community versus a part of a community ended up being greater.

But, I will still apologize.

I'm sorry.

But you know, it's not too late to still be competitive and make the best damn Emil Chronicle Online wiki evar. OwO

I can still help you if you want me to, but I don't wanna do any black ops stuff.

Originally Posted by C4ssidy
wow, went pretty in-depth with the instructions.
Only had the program for a few days now, but didn't sleep the day I found it. Even so, I'm still finding out new things about it the more I use it, and just found a workaround to making it work with the original Japanese client. Now if only I could register a Hangame account(I haven't been able to get around IP block. T_T). Then I could patch the Japanese client I installed and be able to view models from the latest saga.

I gotta get to work on further learning unpacking and ECO's Susie Plugin(lets you see the 2D artwork in the game) too. D: