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The navigation interface has been more or less revised for a more organized look.
Unfortunately adding horizontal lines would also add vertical lines as well (haven't found a way around this). As an alternative I'll probably make the table alternate colors between the rows, is that fine?

As of this post, work on the Quest, Map and NPC sections has begun. This is to keep the wiki 'well rounded' in it's construction.

Current Agenda:

[50%] Refine current work on the monster and item pages, making it more efficient and accurate.
•This will include small touches such as renaming pages, adding some more links to the navigation and maybe a few new categories if needed.
•Includes categorization of individual monster and item pages, this is very time consuming so I have yet to get to it.

[25%] Changing the navigation interface to look and work better.
•Currently ideas are adding more direct links (ex: If you were to go to search for Earth Type monsters, you would be unable to directly link back to Monsters in general.)
•Linking to other sections
•Pictures and better color scheme.

[10%] Applying the same organization to the Quest, NPC and Map sections.
•Since these are mostly/completely empty it'll be easier than the monster/item sections

[0%] Adding Pet and Synthesis templates.
•I'll get to this eventually but for now I'm leaving it alone.

[10%] Collecting feedback and suggestions
•It takes like, 5 minutes to skim the wiki, people D:

[10%] Gathering as much relevant data as possible
•Currently, I only have myself and Sambo working on this.


I have a few jobs for you. Since you're the only 2 people that

1) Since you're rather good at wikis, teach Rambo how to add monsters/items using a template. Also teach him basic linking, categorization etc.
2)Go through the individual pages of the monster and item sections. Add what you know and try to categorize each page as fully as possible. (ex: Pururu would be categorized as Monsters|Neutral Monsters|North Monster| etc)
NOTE: To enter something by a certain name (ex: instead of Monster:Pururu you want it entered as Pururu in the category) you put [[Category:{{{Category}}}|{{{Desired Name}}}]]

To start, the old Usable item page has been 'isolated' from the main wiki. Rather than being removed, I have kept it since it has a number of links. Please browse through the pages and properly categorize the items, and remove the old Usable page once you've gotten through all the items.
Good luck!
Adding to the table lists is not needed.

1) Learn basic wiki editing from Fineti, use it to help Fineti in his jobs.
2) Continue compiling data from the foreign wikis, it's pretty useful stuff.
3) If possible, look for categories we've missed in our wiki. I already know of certain things such as books or those merchant weapons that haven't been added. Try to see if there's more we have missed.
NOTE: If there aren't enough items in a category, we might consider putting them into 1 'etc' category.

Don't feel pressure from the work I've given you, this is simply work meant to be done at one's own pace. If you don't want to do a certain part then feel free to refuse, I'm not a particularly spiteful person so you don't need to fear grudges from me. Eventually I'll probably help in the work as well, so your workload might seem a lot smaller after a while.