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Originally Posted by Cait
Ok i can has question...

I wanna help the wiki soooo bad but with all this namespace crap i duno where to start... or whats SPECIFICALLY correct or incorrect.

If i want to start moving pages to their correct namespaces..

for ex:
Sharon Hat - Wiki


Trickster Online:Sharon Hat - Wiki

at the top i click Move and then type in Trickster_Online: before Sharon_Hat


..but then am i REQUIRED to go and change all the links from Sharon_Hat to Trickster_Online:Sharon Hat like in the sharon table, for ex.

or does it automatically reidrect the links.. but what if someone deleted the Sharon_Hat redirect?

Do I have to go in and change ALL of the pages that direct to Sharon_Hat??? Or is there some kind of bulk movement you guys can do as admins?

Or will it be help enough that i just move the pages to the namespace?
Since we're still in the works of moving Trickster to its namespaces, I would say for now simply moving pages will be good enough. Fixing links to pages and everything can be done once everything is moved over, so we don't need to worry about two things at once.

And yes, your example was correctly. Just add Trickster Online: to the beginning and you're set. Links will go that page as long as the redirect is there, but it will be deleted sometime or another.

Originally Posted by Cait
Ok my 2nd question is..


If i wanna upload the little picture for sharon hat, I just cant click it and upload the picture. I got yelled for doing that earlier @_@

So i should click on it, upload the picture..
but under Destination filename: just put TO_Sharon_Hat insted?
Will that update the link in the sharon table too?

Thanks~ @_@

Most templates should now link to the correct-named images now. If you find a template that still points to one without "TO_" in it, then post here again. (I just updated some templates such as MyShop equips to fix this issue)