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hai, my name is kira and im in cali. i'm 17 years old and a girl, lol. uhmmm i draw and play guitar, and i'm a mmos..blah blah xD my favorite non-mmo is ddr. yes, i am a total ddr freak. i'm also crazy. xD uhmm..i'm pretty nice? and usually willing to help anyone who needs it..and i'm also shy(harhar couldnt guess that now could you xD)

as for dislikes uhm..i can't stand arrogance, if i spy arrogance i attempt to crush an ego, lol. i also dont like when people go overboard when asking for if you help them, and they get mad if you want one of the drops..yeah, ive had that happen. and people that insult others for no reason. i can't stand that, that will instantly get me very angry. lol. thats pretty much it..its reaaaallly hard to annoy me/make me mad xD

i'm very active on latale currently, basically always on whether i'm afk or not, lol. i'm an insane lvler when i want to be, i made 70-80 in 2 days xP ive also been playing for slightly less than a month, lol. but yeah, i love lt and this guild :P