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hey everyone. my name is trey and i live somewhere in canada. 24 years old, recent university grad in psych. work at a grocery store at the present time until i find some place related to my field and pays more than what i make right now. i did CBT and OBT for Latale but only started playing more actively in feb/march of this year. ii try to login to latale at least once a day ranging from 1 hour to 7 hours.

likes: well playing the guitar, but i just picked it up a few weeks ago, so still learning, music obviously, mainly r&b, chilling with friends, bubble tea, video games (rpgs and fighting games), pool, basketball, the word "awesome". you'd be surprised how often i say that at times....

dislikes: people who say rude and unnecessary things (which is why i sometimes hate working at my job), people who scrape their plates too much, when i get ID'd from people who are obviously younger than me =(

sorry for the short response but if you want to know more about me, feel free to ask. best way to find out a person is to ask questions. i don't bite =)