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Default La Tale Ultimate Leveling Guide 1.0

~La Tale Ultimate Leveling Guide 1.5~

The following information is based on area facts the first level listed is the level of the enemies of the front part or parts of the map (More on this later!!). It is very important to do quests while using this level guide as well. I am going to place down the Index first:

1. Updates

2. Hints And Tips

3. Where To Level

~1. Updates~
Sun. Aug. 2nd 2009- Completed Guide 1.0 Fixed the Owl Castle mistake and started work on 1.5 immediately hoping to add an detailed monster grinding section soon.

Thurs. Aug 13th 2009- Worked on some spelling errors that were made during the quick typing up of this guide and started working on an monster based leveling section. Added Experience Chart from Wiki in order to show how much experience it takes to get to each level. The Tips Section Renamed Hints And Tips also added an few helpful hints and tips to quench the thirst of questions about monsters.

~2. Hints and Tips~
-An Full Scale Quest Sheet-
For those of you who like quests with your grinding here is an complete list of Quests:

-How Much XP It takes To reach Level *Insert level here*-
Here is an helpful list:

-How to tell the strength of an monster-
Basically it's the color of the name that indicates the strength to better explain look at this:

Red-Real Strong
Yellow-Kinda Strong
Green-Equal to you

-The Complete Monster List-
Here is an list of the monsters by name:
You can sort it by level and by monster name. If you go by level you can find an sucessful grinding section if you fight the monsters a little stronger then your actual level.

-Quick Leveling-
An Animal Set (Mainly the ones from la deck)+ Iris Stone= large increases of Experience. You can use Peach Cans and XP Syrups with the set too. The better way is to have your Astro fashion items equipped with XP puzzles at +3 or higher then use one of the higher XP gain stones along with peach cans and syrups as well. Also grinding during the iris blessing you get everyday helps as well.

-Stats and How they Work-
This guide is a little outdated but it explains very well on how the stats work on latale:

Anymore tips? Feel free to tell me.

~3. Where To level~
For best results the lowest level is usually at the start of the map then as you progress to the middle of the level range it will be the middle of the map followed by the highest level being at the end. With that said here is the guide:

1-7 Forest Area

7-10 Ancient Forest

10-16 Temple Of Pluton

10-50 Crystal Mine (Requires Crystal mine ticket (any time limit) Found in the ant cave)

12-14 Scrap Valley Entrance (Airport Girl In Elias go to big apple and then the portal on the other side.)

17-21 Belos underground (The portal near the well in belos)

18-20 Field Area

21-31 Mountain Area

24-26 Elias Underground Canal

26-28 Ant Cave (You can Find The Crystal Mine Tickets as an drop from Ant Queens in this area)

27-29 Red Crop Field

27-37 Arcadia

32-35 Snowfield

35-41 Cherry Lake

42-48 Dark Forest

40-46 Dark Moon Castle

46-53 Desert Field

50-58 Pyramid Ruins

57-61 Foe Mansion

60-67 The Longest Tree

68-74 Jungle Area

73-78 Lilliput Field

79-83 Ktuka Underworld

80-85 Egg Egg Castle

85-89 Capt. Bong's Tunnel

90-94 Capt. Bong's Land

80-100 Abyss Ruins

100-110 cookie garden

106-110 Uphill Town Of Big Toad

110-118 Owl's Castle

110- 119 Capt. Bong's Castle

120-130 Aquarium

130-139 Bifrost

140-146 Scrap Valley Exit

149-158 Factory

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