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Originally Posted by wyvern2920
@ edel yep i agree,,, fire always on rush xD... me i lag badly...ghost infinite hp xD.. i freet is good E.X.A.M mode is monstrosity...

@fire ur good ;D just dont rush... and always watch your back(coz thats my error) take this as an friendly advice keep it up
thanks for the advice. its because im a rock and sooner or later i;ll have to fight without support. but ur right guys, i should take my time and hide myself and wait for an opportunity to strike.

guys do u combo using mouse wheel? i tried using mouse wheel but it doesnt seem to change fast enough and same goes for the super, since im a rock and have wep1 as my main arsenal i have 2 wep to cycle through first b4 i reach the special. thats why i wasnt able to counter a lot of melee.

hope we can do this again