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And then, in despair of the lackluster amount of iron and carbon content in FireMuffin's testicles, we decided to venture out to the territory of a 18 year old kids for further

And then, a problem arose.

Originally Posted by Incestor
ohprz... hwo2have badends with sex in school?!
Sick and tired of repeating the same process over and over just to be returned to the title screen, we decided to try a different approach.

And then,

Originally Posted by Are Burgwin
- this happened:

And the wise man who was a 14 year old kids thought it was good.
In Response to such goodness, he said,
All your incests are belong to us."Incest is Best."All your incests are belong to us.
Satisfied by QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-ness of dynamitechickenbakes and roasted chestnuts, a 14 year old uncles learn the supervalu cheap prices of wasting time