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Hi, hello, konichiwa, hola, bonjour, whatever you fancy.
I'm Kevin, 15 years young, half filipino, and half cambodian(rare species indeed)
Living in Jacksonville, FL. Yes I do know Roboto, he's childhood friend who is the reason I'm playing LaTale right now.
Ummmmm, I do breakdance(somewhat), but I'm more into that poppin, and lockin, and whatnot. I'm usually not the one to start conversations, but I'm trying to get over that.

Likes: I guess gaming, dancing, anime, hanging out, messing with music, and playing keyboard. (Even though I'm not that great) Funny stuff, cool people, friendly friends, mosquito repellent

Dislikes: Rude people, ignorant people, little annoying details, LAG, unnecessary obstacles, tedious tasks, mosquitoes

When I'm not on LaTale, I'm usually, watching anime, playing Stepmania, dancing, editing videos, browsing youtube, somewhere else playing BlazBlue, or sleeping.(mostly sleeping) But you can always catch me on AIM.

As for my playtime in LaTale, I can be ridiculously slow to do things(like lvl), but I can also be quick to get things done. I'm not too hardcore on the game to be honest. But I still enjoy playing. If something is requested for me to do, there is a good chance I'll do it, unless if it's a ridiculous, annoying, tedious,and unnecessary.

Hope this got everyone to know me better.