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Emil_Chronicle_Online and ECO_ headers will be removed and replaced at some point.

But I still prefer we keep the Monster, Equipment, Item, etc headers. There is a monster called Crystal, while at the same time there is an item called Crystal. We have to plan for this early because if we found that problem out later, we'd be moving A LOT more pages then just the ones we have now.

UPDATE: Weapon and Armor have been moved to Equipment:[Name] namespaces/headers. Items and Monster sections will be moved to their respective namespace/header after I take a break from all that typing.

Usable Items have been moved successfully.

Update: Misc items have been moved successfully. Oddly it was less painful than I originally thought.

Update: Monster pages have been moved. Thinking about moving the job pages but it's not terribly important.

UPDATE: Currently revamping the monster section and laying out the groundwork. Feel free to check the current status of the work, but please notify me before you make any edits.


I have a few jobs I need some help to finish.

1) N> People who understand 日本語/한국말/中文/ภาษาไทย or whatever other language I missed, you guys got a heck of a job. Scour any forums/fansites, or even post a request, on any fansites/forums unavailable to us english speakers.
You goal: Find a way to get the pictures in the DAT and HED files in our ECO folders. Alternatively a very large pack of clean (no text, background or anything else that isn't supposed to be in the picture) 3D models will work for now.
P.S The chinese wiki HAD all the pictures I was planning to use. Unfortunately all the pictures seemed to have been removed in one way or another and they all had a watermark anyway.
P.P.S If you find any other useful info not relating to your job, record it anyway.

2)Maps. This isn't an incredibly important job but I would like pictures of all the maps in the game, as well as their english names. Most of the images can already be found through various wikis but make sure you get the all names correct. If no one does this I suppose I could find the time to do it myself, but since it's an easy job I hope someone out there is willing to save me some work D:

3)People good at graphics and making stuff look good. If you've looked at the monster section of our wiki, I've added a lot of links between the pages and have attempted to make it easier to view the section or add info. Unfortunately, 1 person can only do so much and the pages are pretty bland.

4) As always, ONE MAN CAN'T DO A WIKI. Even a bit of help is appreciated since It's usually either me or Fineti doing anything. Important sections include:
Fine-tuning the monster sections
Fix the item section
Adding quests and NPCS
Synthesis/Pet templates
Fix the World Map (and it's badly named links)

Anyone willing to do some work either PM me or post here. In the case of my info gatherers I'd like them to PM me the info so we'll have a 1-up on any competitors ( the last thing I need is a rival wiki threatening the growth of ours).

UPDATE: Revamping/structuring the Item and Monster sections, help appreciated!

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