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Originally Posted by Lunar
but but.. i like clicking buttons.. I WANT LARGER BUTTONS D: lol

i just thought of a new idea
move the icon closer to the adding sp place
if ppl, like me, like to use the mouse instead of keyboard... i dont have to drag my mouse so far to check stats

also helps those who do use keyboard to compare dmgs of different skills without moving too far
Actually, just as I uploaded the v0.7, I thought of adding click/right-click control on the icons, like in the old English one, with the addition that double click = max, and double right click = 0. Guess that'd help too, right? =D

Originally Posted by SmashedJane
Is there an option to type in your strength, dex and int? Because the numbers I'm getting are way off and I would like an accurate way if telling me how much a skill would heal/damage without putting points into it.
*puts on TODO list.

Also, I do want a quick reminder, 33 Str = +1% damage, 33 Dex = -1% cooldown, and 33 Int = +1% heal, somewhere along those lines, right? And Str is the only one getting bonuses at 501, 1001, etc.