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Fantastic idea.

LaTale IGN: Hope (for CBT)
Real Name:
Nicknames: Mei
Hobbies: I truthfully don't have any particular hobbies; I do what I enjoy, whatever it is at the moment, whenever I can.
Favourites: I have a blatant obsession for pandas and, to a lesser degree, bunnies. I often associate my close friends, or they do so themselves, with animals - in turn, this makes me grow very fond of specific animals or creatures. I love sunshine and scenic walks, and I like to give and receive hugs.
Dreams: I wish to I had the ability fly.
Bio/ Other things about you: I'm an American-born Vietnamese and I'll be entering my third year of French this fall. My French is a little worse than my native tongue, which is pretty bad to begin with.

... I obviously suck at introductions, and I decided to share strange things about myself...

^ very outdated ^

For the record, I've fallen off the face of online gaming but I've missed you guys. ;~;

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