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Originally Posted by Shirakani
Question to all the returners...

To anyone who has or have had a serious beef with Failtreev in the past, why would you come back to THIS version of the game rather than try to go to KGC, BGC, TWGC or hell, even a private serv0r?

I'm finding it difficult to comprehend coming back to a company that's screwed you over before and going PRZ MR NTREEV MAY I HAS SUM MOAR FEIL?!... I dun geddit.

On a personal note, i'm still playing the game but i'll never, EVER touch anything even remotely related to Failtreev USA ever again (i have no problem with Ntreev Korea).
Because I can only read and speak english?

If I have the choice between an english version, a korean version, a japanese version, a brazillian version, a taiwan version, I'm picking english. Why? Because I can understand it.

That and I haven't found any GC private servers anywhere. And even if I did, a game like GC wouldn't be fun with only 20 or so people ever on.