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Originally Posted by Knash
I would like to join! i had followed this community for the past week and i really like the way you people see the game.

Im just starting with a Knuckle Knight named Knash. I would really like to join! See you.
Originally Posted by Senike
Lulz -raid-

Do you guys has extra spots? 8D My friend, Anima and I are interested in joining FrenchBread. <: We're both engineers, and started shortly 3 days ago. As of now, we are both level 30 and looking for a talkative and entertaining guild ;__; One of the reason why I would like to join FB is because of...

Originally Posted by Anima
Hi guys <:
*repeats what senie said*

Hope you guys have some extra spots ;o
Originally Posted by Sack
I want to join My ingame name is KwanK lvl 28
Hm, four people asking to join in one day. Yay.