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I dunno what's wrong, please help

When I play Dragonica, and when I am in Misssion map and then is going to FACE the Boss - When I am loading before that map, it's stuck at like 75% then I gotta wait like 100years before I can see the intro

and then the other problem is like EVERY 30min I disconnect from the game and then I am at the Login screen again

Then the error says something like this: Disconnected from server due to an abnormal client status. ( then alot of strange stuff like 0x0809x89 )

And another problem is when I play, sometimes at mission maps, my screen (the game) it freezes !!

then I cant even minimize it or anything, I gotta wait like another 100 year or I have to force close the computer, I cant event Alt + F4

Dude, please help ?

And yea, sometimes, when I play Dragonica the game suddenly turn black scrreen then the game suddenly auto minimized and when it minimized, the deskopt resolution has changed to default which means the ICONS becomes quite big -_-''

And then I gotta change it back !

Yea, I can start liking and play dragonica for a hundred of reasons but I can quit and stop playing it with only 1 freaking reason, and now, I got more then 1 >.<