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Hi !! I'm CujoEX's bffl from Maple Story :>

In-Game Name: TehCex (MapleStory BFFL FTW!!)
Age: CujoEX's age (my bffl) minus three
Date of Birth: CujoEX my bffl didnt get me a present :<
Nationality: Filipino like CujoEX my bffl
Location: New Jersey so I can come over my bffl CujoEX's house and play Rhythm Heaven :>
Contact Info: I'll be at my bffl's house CujoEX
Likes: My bffl CujoEX <3
Dislikes: When my bffl CujoEX ignores me </3

Good joke right? :>

(I'm TO Chibi so I can post rite?)

*sulks back to maple* :<