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I probably shouldn't be posting in here considering how I don't like SNSD, but this is a discussion thread, so, yay, monster Yume attacks.

I don't mind their music; most of it is really catchy, but some of the members are really rude and disrespectful. I agree with Kuda in her post before about a lot of it could be made up by anti's, but there is a lot of proof that SNSD members are *****es. A few months ago, my cousins showed me the Dream Concert or whatever where people turned off their lights when SNSD came on, but I didn't find out until later why they did so. I went to a site where a lot of the problems were described with proof (mainly youtube videos - though a lot of them were taken down) and some of what I saw was really rude.

/spreads hate
no jk

but they do have catchy music and pretty hot members in there, although *****y
it's hard for me to listen to and like them knowing how disrespectful and rude some are =(

Edit: I'm glad I looked in this thread. *watches Suju sing and dance to Gee*
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