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Originally Posted by Lunar
would like to add on pvp 1 trans is useless
"use against mdef" is incorrect... it might be useful but there's another counter
sieg has a counter vs it prot fort, at 0hp ur screwed, the higher lvl u have the trans the more screwed u are,
u are UNABLE to knock him down ur hardknockdown is not a knockdown thus does not knock the sieg down, he is unable to die.. gg SIEGS OP bb

only char it's useful against are slow chars without walls,
it's useful against an eir as she has nothing to do dmg against u besides tears,
not sure about krieg
against another kali is suicide,
dainns have icewall
tia's have hide
dacys have dolls she doesn't even need to attk u, and invinci through until wari hits u
lime is lime..

succubus is not a small aoe effect, it's as large as sunlight heal
i was thining about putting 0 but then i changed my mind a bit after i put it but i'll add it in a bit
shouldnt hardknockdown be able to knock a sieg using prot fort down o_o?
the large range is still good imo but i'll add in 0

i thought succubus was smaller when it exploded, sunlight is huge ._.