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theSinned is a jewel in the roughtheSinned is a jewel in the roughtheSinned is a jewel in the rough

Darkness Skills
Lv35 Seduction of Succubus
What it does - Freeze targets that touch it

*Lv4,7,10 Increase Freeze
*Freeze will hit few if not 1 target but the damage will act as an AoE (Thank Lunar for clarifying)
*Acts as another being and can absorb attacks and be transformed
*20s Cooldown

Lv1 = 533~593dmg .7s Freeze
Lv4 = 719~799dmg 1.2s Freeze
Lv7 = 909~1010dmg 1.7s Freeze
Lv10 = 1125~1250dmg 2.2s Freeze
Lv11 (Max) = 1206~1341dmg 2.2s Freeze *When this was taken, there was a 301str (9%) curve compared to the 297str (8%) on the others

PvP - 1,4,7,10,Max (Higher freeze = more time to damage, as well as its high damage for freeze. Also works ok as a spam guard as it absorbs projeciles.)
Stage - 1,Max (Can't freeze bosses so no use in using it for freeze on simple easy monsters, however damage is very nice. Lv1 for that psudobarrier helps too)
Hybrid - 1,Max (Keep it for its barrier-like uses as well as an easy 500 damage for 1 point)

Lv40 Lullaby of Lucifer
What it does - Attack in a large area to finalize sleep

*Last hit causes sleep (which I REALLY WANT TO DO while i type this)
*5 Notes rise up, not sure how the final note comes up because it always seems like everything gets sleeped
*6 Shots
*25s Cooldown

Lv1 = 122~135dmg
Lv9(max) = 228~253dmg

PvP - 1,Max (As big as it is and how it causes sleep, it's not hard to escape from this if there's room to move before the final hit comes in)
Stage - 1,Max (Large Area affected, not a bad skill to have)
Hybrid - 1,Max (1 Point atleast for sleep, damage is ok)

Lv50 Orgel of Orcus
What it does - Shoot 2 Big Notes that shoot smaller notes

*Notes spread outward as it progresses
*25s Cooldown

Lv1 = 109~121dmg
Lv8(max) = 166~175dmg

PvP - 1,Max (Flinching opponents with hard to escape notes)
Stage - 1,Max (Deals fairly good damage on mobs and big things)
Hybrid - 1,Max (Atleast 1 for its many annoying uses)

Lv60 Sanguine Samsara
What it does - Transform into a demon

*Cannot be stunned, hard knockdowned, flinched, etc.
*Last hit is hardknockdown
*Only nonmagic attack
*Cannot dash, bit slow
*S does nothing, A attacks and S downattacks hits everything
*Cannot be cancelled
*150 cooldown (estimated on this a bit >_>)

Lv1 = Lv1 = +248 Max dmg, 30s
Lv5 = Lv5 = +284 Max dmg, 50s

PvP - 0,1 (Slow, might not be able to catch up to people although large range)
Stage - 1,Max (Some people max it for the longer use as it has its uses against bosses and various monsters that like to knockback players. Can be used to hit a large amount of monster at once)
Hybrid - 0,1 (All on you for this as)
*Thank Lunar for the input on this skill

Passve Skills
**These depend highly on your equipment, playstyle and pretty much how much YOU need points.

lv6 Mana Recovery
What it does - Allow MP to heal over time

Formula = x + 1
x = skill level

Lv1 = 2 MP Recov
Lv8 (max) = 9 MP Recov

All builds - Any (with song of recovery and S as your MP backup, you can keep this however you like although I do recommended PvP builds to max it)

lv17 Concentrate
What it does- Increase the Chance of Not using MP when using a skill

Lv1 = 3% Reduction
Lv5 (max) = 11% Reduction

All Builds - 0,1,Max (Passive meditation pot is very useful to have although not nessesary)

thank SeventhArrow for change of info for this skill, didnt think it was different than normal but it is O_O

lv23 Increase Mana
What it does - Increase Maximum MP

Formula = 80x + 20
x = skill level

Lv1 = 100Max Mp
Lv8 (max) = 660 Max Mp

All Builds - Any (MP depends on equipment and how you play)

lv26 Magical Critical
What it does - Increase Chance of Critical Hits

Formula = 3 + x
x = skill level

Lv1 = 3% Crit
Lv7 (max) = 9% Crit

All Builds - 1 (Good for being able to critical, although max seems like a good idea you have better options in terms of damage)

lv30 Increase Health
What it does- Increase Maximum HP

Formula = 50 + 50x
x = skill level

Lv1 = 100hp
Lv4 (max) = 250hp

All builds - 0,1,Max (Depends on your equipment and how much you need, 1 point is always nice for that 100hp boost)

Rebirth Skills
**All skills were tested with 312str (9%) unless stated
True Rhapsody of Blood
What it does - Create a circular motion of attacking notes that add strength at the end

*Activates Str bonus at the end of the skill for 10seconds
*Bugged and doesn't show Str bonus icon when teammates are affected
*25s Cooldown

Lv1 = 11~13dmg, 12str increase
Lv11 (max)= 272~303dmg, 277str increase

All Builds - 0,1,Max (0 for not really needing it as its 10seconds and it takes a while to load +str, 1 point for another stun+combo skill, Max for that strength. The strength is also the downfall as it takes quite a while to get that boost although it is high)

True Song of Hero
What it does - Increase speed and dex for party

*Same thing as normal but with a dex increase
*15s Cooldown

Lv1 = 15% Speed increase, 12dex increase
Lv11(max) = 65% Speed increase , 277dex increase

All builds - RECOMMENDED 0, Any (Like the previous one but with 5% speed increase at max and dex increase. No point in having 2 if you have the other one and dex for 10seconds isn't that great)

True Orgel of Orcus
What it does - Create a stationary big note that shoots smaller notes

*Cannot be dash canceled
*Homes in on nearest target (thank SeventhArrow for that, forgot to mention)
*25s Cooldown

Lv1 = 3~4dmg
Lv11(max) = 90~100dmg

PvP - 0,1 (0 for the sake that people don't usually PvP with RB on but 1 for that mass flinch if anybody does)
Stage - 0,1,Max (Damage isn't that good but it does keep things busy while you're running around)
Hybrid - 0,1 (Not much use but the flinch is good)

lv50 True Sound of Agony
**Requires lv90 total level and 1 rebirth and lv50 current level
What it does - Shoot a mass of small notes then a piercing large drag one

*Shoots 13 tiny flinch notes then a giant pierce drag one
*s CD (will add in 5minutes)

YouTube - Lunia: Kali 4th RB Skill video i made for it

Lv1 = 132~147dmg
Lv5 = 197~219dmg <--tested with 184str [202~224dmg with 264str]

PvP - 0,1 (Not much reason to max it for PvP but its good for the overall usage in flinch and air)
Stage - 1,Max (Easy to rack up damage with this skill and hits a large area)
Hybrid - 0,1,Max (1 Point in for usage if you plan to stage regularly)

Finishing Notes
blah blah blah, will add in anything i need to fix or change
i delayed this guide for 2 weeks, i'm expecting Phuc to kill me sometime soon.


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