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Default Sinned's Kali Skill Guide

*Damages are slightly off, they are based on a 297str (8%) curve unless stated
*Please tell me what I can elaborate on, all her skill seem so straightfoward that I feel like I'm missing something

So fourth guide for Lunia. At first I was like "I'll do it!", then "screw it, too lazy" and it kept going back and forth. Now I actually did it because some people want it and the only other way for them to get damage info is to level the characters up by themselves and then remember it or note it down somewhere. Formatted like my Ryan, Dacy and Yuki guide so get out if you hate my format. Look at other guides that are availible because I'm not a very big obsessive Kali fan therefore my results may differ from others.
Frankly speaking, I don't think I did the guide too well and there wasn't much point to it but people wanted it despite how straightfoward her skills are.

This guide is not to be reprinted, stolen, plagurized or any illegal business without permission or bribery.
No loopholes are to be exploited either.

Special Note
-When I say PVP,stage,etc. i mean Pure build excluding 8v8 because that will not give you level xp and people usually leave RB on. (Although with a pure PvP build you can still hold your own in staging, especially with Kali)
-REMEMBER- You are not limited to my recommendations. The point of having this is to help Kali players decide their build and getting skill info.
-Because Kali has a more linear curve in his skills (unlike the first 5-6 characters) I will not be putting the (65-) information that I did in my Dacy guide (kind of like my Yuki and Ryan Guide)
-This guide will seem longer because I have to include damages due to the fact that we have no skill simulator for Kali. Shoot me
-I will be using my Kali on kLunia test on most of the pictures because I didn't exactly start leveling the one on USA Lunia yet excluding from PvP.
-Almost all of Kali skills are cancellable in some shape or form therefore I will not state if possible, rather I will state if impossible (or seemingly)
-All attacks are curse types unless stated

Credits (because this is easier to do then other sections I did it early)
-Random people posting little tidbits of info on Kali
-IJJI - for being evil but released Kali (89coins >_>)
-Lunia - for wasting my precious time and money
-Guildies - Helping me decide a bit on skills
-Random people telling me I should make a Kali guide [you know who you are] =_=
-Lunar - Helping with various parts of the guide
-SeventhArrow - Helping with Concentrate information (epic fix)
-Gladiat - Fixing my title, thank youuu <3

.....I love copy and paste >_>.

Agony Skills
***Most people agree to max every Nonrebirth skill here so I'll need to add a little something to say otherwise
Lv1 Sound of Agony
What it does - Shoots 5 notes foward

*All newly made Kali's start off with this skill
*Shoots 5 Notes
*Jumpiness may affect ability to hit target (Need confirm but from what I can see it does)
*7second cooldown

Lv1 - 9~10dmg x Hit
Lv11 (Max) - 226~251dmg x Hit

All Builds - Max (easy to combo with, awesome damage for low cooldown ,decent/far range and not that long to shoot all 5)
-People have argued to not max it due to its lack of area effected [most stagers].

Lv4 Dischord
What it does - Create a zigzag line of notes

*Spreads more outward the longer it's used (I'd say from center to end of your screen)
*Casts slow on hit target
*Slow increases with level but duration remains constant of 10seconds
*15s Cooldown

Lv1 - 23~26dmg x Hit, 15% slow
Lv 11 (max) - 315~350dmg x Hit, 46% slow

All Builds - Max (Easy to combo with in PvP with slow, hits a large area in stages with high damage)
-Only reason to not Max is if you want to use a skill that doesn't do a majority of it's hits at close range.

Lv7 Duet of Rage
What it does - Shoots 2 piercing dragging notes

*Cannot be dash cancelled
*Hits a large frontal area of user
*Hits vary on size and position (I've gotten 5 hits from a scarecrow at point blank)
*15s Cooldown

Lv1 = 16~18dmg x Hit
Lv10 (max)= 148~165dmg x Hit

All Builds - Max (Easy to combo with, very large area affecte)
-Honestly speaking, I find this as Kali's best line skill as it hits directly infront of her and airs anything possible. I can't find anything bad to say about it ><

Lv10 Rhapsody of Blood
What it does - Create a circular motion of attacking notes

*Stuns targets hit by it
*13 Shots
*Appears as a spreading outward clockwise attack
*Hits vary on size and position of target
*Activates Ancient Elf Hero 2set [included this because its pretty bizzare and cheap]

Lv1 = 33~36dmg x Hit
Lv10 = 233~259dmg x Hit

All Builds - Max (Comboability, stun, large range, damage)
-Main reason to not max is how most hits are in close range and doesn't do too much as it gets further.

Recovery Skills
Lv20 Recitation of Showdown
What it does - Sends out 5 attack and 5 heal notes

*5 Notes heal, 5 Notes attack
*Heal Notes may recover MP sometimes
*Attack notes may drain MP sometimes:::FAILING AT FIGURING OUT HOW THIS STUPID THING WORKS D=< :::
*Higher Level = more heal
*Can be used to fake res if somebody runs over a note over a fallen person
*Cannot be canceled
*15 Second cooldown

Lv1 = 49~55dmg x Hit [don't know how much it heals for]
Lv10(max) = 197~219dmg x Hit [don't know how much it heals for]

Stage - 1,Max (Healing is always helpful for your teammates, Get atleast 1 for healing uses)
PvP - 1 (Keep your opponents running around, MAY make them lose MP)
Hybrid - 1 (Heal and attack, 2 things put into 1 slow skill but still effective)

Lv23 Song of Recovery
What it does - Sacrifice HP for Party MP Heal

*Glitchy in PvP, may not heal
*Affected by Int (More int = more heal) <--Thank SeventhArrow
*Heals everybodies MP using your HP within a range
*30 second cooldown

Lv1 = -71Hp +357MP
Lv11(max) = -239Hp +1194MP

All Builds - Any ( This really depends on your build, playestyle and how much MP recovery you'll use. Also it's recommended you not get a high level for PvP due to glitchiness)

Lv26 Song of Hero
What it does - Increase Speed for party

*Gives Speed boost for 10seconds to all those around you
*15second cooldown

Lv1 = +15% Speed
Lv10(max) = +60% Speed

All Builds - Any (Some people feel 10seconds of speed is useless, some others think it helps, all on you for this. Think about the many ways you can use it but limited to 10seconds.)

Lv29 Phantom Fantasia
What it does - Turns 3 friendly objects into skeletons

*3 Shots
*Things turned into skeletons are invincible
*Cannot be canceled
*Lasts 10seconds
*Kills teammates at 0hp
*30 Second cooldown
*A = attack, S = counterattack, space = Jump attack

Lv1 = +30MP and HP per second
Lv10(max) = +81MP and HP per Second

Stage - 1,Max (Simple fact, you need 1 point to keep your teammates covered. More points = more heal)
PvP - 0,1 (Don't really need this for PvP however helpful in Team PvP)
Hybrid - 1 (Might'as well get 1 Point for the team support)


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