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Finishing blow is still a good skill it just depends on when to use it.
I have done a FB turn around Dash A to continue a combo against a wall but I have failed in replicating it since my lag is terrible.
It can be used to reset just like SS and continue a combo.
It can be used in PvP lvl 1 or max against a Sieg to do CMS cancel FB when they play dead or just a downed opponent to launch him into the full CMS.
If you watch me play I may have used it a bunch against Jinus and other Siegs.
The difficulty on doing hurricane sword into dash A is about the same with FB turnaround dash A.

The downattack nerf made FB actually worth getting for damage now. I mean in tourneys you don't get to use super long combos so why not finish with FB and do an extra 500DMG for a kill.
Face it Lunia is dead get a reality check please.

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