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iARE1337 is a jewel in the roughiARE1337 is a jewel in the roughiARE1337 is a jewel in the roughiARE1337 is a jewel in the rough

Mind if I interject a bit?

About protective fortitude in stages, I don't find it particularly useful. The "no flinch" effect is rather limited in that you can still be knocked down and pushed around by most skills monsters have. Unless you're constantly under barrage by those knights in 5-10, I don't think the skill is a must max stage-wise.

My opinion on rage explosion is whatever leftover points you may have (that is if this skill isn't in your list of priorities to max) after the initial 1 point. Perhaps instead of the "1 or max" it should be a "1+" kinda deal. Then again it's not my guide.
As for True Rage Explosion, I say level 1 does wonders for a PvPer trying to get to XX level through staging.
On to whirlpool sword, I'd say a 0 or 1 for PvP as opposed to your current mandatory level 1. I never used it when I had it, and when I did use, it was rather forced and unnatural. Sure as hell didn't fit my play-style.
I recently also gained a new outlook on HP Increase. I would agree with you if it were a few weeks ago on it being a must max but after several chain of events and conversations, I feel it's completely optional, stage and PvP build alike.

Enough nitpicking around, +rep due to Sieg bias.