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IGN: 混合
Level: ⑨
Guild: NoGay

[B0] Bless

[B1] Magic Defense
This skill makes you invulnerable to magic attacks. It renders some bosses and classes ineffective (Dainn, Yuki, Daru) and leaves them with weak melee attacks and what little physical spells they have. This skill can turn the tables on your opponent in PvP, and save you from a potential death in stage!

Stage: MAX

[B2] Provocation
One of the skills that makes Sieg unique. Provocation is one of Sieg's best skill in terms of usage, although damage is quite low. Sieg looks like he's shouting something and tearing off his armor, and everything within range takes minor damage, becomes slower, gets pulled towards him and all aggro is then placed on Sieg for a set time. In PvP, it can be used to pull people towards you, slow people down (Runners have a harder time getting away from you >=D) and can help you extend your combos. Although the new patch has lowered the need of it, Provocation in stage still has its uses. It can be used to get mobs off your teammates, get mobs into 1 spot so everyone can nuke it, and can also lure mobs into a trap. This is a must max skill for everyone.


[B3] Rage Explosion
This skill greatly enhances the damage that Sieg deals to all enemies. All physical damage (non-elemental) damage becomes critical, and does 150% damage. Sieg shouts something, does the victory pose and then his hands start to glow. The glowing hands show that he is being buffed by a skill that gives him 100% critical to all physical damage. Skills such as Whirling Sword, Flash Fate and Crescent Moon Sword are wind elemental attacks and do not do critical damage to the opponent unless a set effect that grants Deadly Magic Blow is worn. This skill costs HP instead of MP, so you don't have to worry about not having enough MP to use all of your strongest skills. However, keeping an eye on your HP is recommended so you don't get killed right after using this skill. This skill is very good in stage, since mobs can't really dodge that well, and in PvP Rage Explosion could turn the tides of battle with a barrage of critical attacks.

Stage: 0, 1+
PvP: 0, 1, 4 or Max

Originally Posted by iARE1337
My opinion on rage explosion is whatever leftover points you may have (If the skill isn't on your must-max list) after the initial 1 point. Perhaps instead of the "1 or max" it should be a "1+" kinda deal.

[B4] Protective Fortitude
This skill just made Sieg a monster. No knockdowns from HKDs, no flinching from physical attacks, you drop from the air when you get launched (unless juggled by element based attacks) and you heal 16 HP per second! This skill is an absolute must for all PvP Siegs. However, in stage, this won't really save you since mobs can easily knock you down and some can even juggle you with elemental attacks. However, it is useful when fighting bosses that use physical attacks that launch and hit multiple times.

Stage: 0 or Max

Originally Posted by iARE1337
Protective fortitude in stage isn't very useful. The "no flinch" effect is rather limited in that you can still be knocked down and pushed around by most skills monsters have.

[B5] Play Dead
Play Dead causes Sieg to lie down on the ground and pretend to be dead. This skill allows Sieg to dodge almost any attack during the moment he is lying down, except attacks that hit the ground. However, when Sieg is on the ground, if an enemy casts something like Fire Dragon Orb, Seduction of Succubus or Dodge, and the projectile is on top of Sieg, he will be hit by it unless it disperses before he gets up. Sieg ignores his wake-up A, so he does not have the use of invincibility. Attacks that strike enemies lying down will also hit a Sieg playing dead. A playing dead Sieg can dash, use a skill or use S to escape his downed state. This skill is worth at least 1 point, and more can be placed depending on how often you use it and how long do you usually stay down.

Stage: 1+
PvP: 1+

[B6] True Rage Explosion
This is the super version of Rage Explosion. Sieg shouts something, does the victory pose and then his hands start to glow, and a small pillar of light appears on him and wings appear and then disappears. This skill adds 40 STR per level, and gives you criticals for every non-elemental attack. Also, it lasts 1 minute at every level, which outlasts max normal Rage Explosion by 15 seconds. In PvP, this skill isn't very useful, but gives you a large advantage in STR if you are fighting with rebirth on (which is rare). In stages and Myth, this skill is a godsend. Your +% damage for your skills will rise much higher from the additional STR, and the criticals will make your melee and physical skill damage shoot through the roof.

Requirements for this skill is being rebirthed at least once, and at level 50, your total level must equal 90 or higher.

Stage: MAX
PvP: 0 or Max

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