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[C0] Charge

[C1] Kicking
The best skill that a Sieg can have for comboing. Sieg kicks the enemy 3 times, 1st and 2nd hits lowering air time and 3rd hit giving a large boost to airtime that covers more than the air time lost by the 1st and 2nd hits. This skill is absolutely VITAL to air combos. Without this, Sieg's combos would be much shorter than they are right now. In PvP, this skill MUST HAVE at least 1 point, and stage builds should have at least 1 point as well for the damage multiplier. However, this skill isn't needed as much now since comboing is impossible in Myth, and spamming is probably the only way to do decent damage in Myth. However, it's low cooldown makes maxing worth considering for high damage in PvP and stages.

Stage: 0, 1 or Max
PvP: 1 or Max

[C2] Wind Kick
This skill is absolutely amazing in stage. Sieg jumpkicks into the air while stabbing his sword in the ground, and pushes off while kicking 6 times in the air. Enemies hit by the 1st hit get launched into the air, and are carried along by the other hits. However, if the enemy is too far away, it is possible to drop them even if the 1st hit connects. Enemies standing on the ground get knocked down, and enemies already in the air get carried along with Wind Kick. The air multiplier in stage makes this skill do insane damage, and in PvP makes knocking down enemies easier, and can provide the extra bit of damage that you need to kill them. Also, this skill is useful for stalling for cooldowns for 1 or 2 seconds. However, the decay in PvP ruins the potential damage it could do. Also, if you are lucky enough, if any kicks after the 1st one connect, you might end up carrying them for the rest of the kicks if they run in it.

Stage: 1 or Max
PvP: 0 or 1

[C3] Whirlpool Sword
This skill is like a 2nd crosscut. Sieg winds up quickly, and charges forwards with a rapidly spinning sword, dealing 5 hits and pushing back all enemies. This skill can be canceled with space to do stabs at any time, and is useful for escaping dangerous situations. However, you must be careful where you're aiming this skill, since you could end up running into an Eir's Dodge, a mob with no way out behind you etc. In stage this is good for air combos for the damage multiplier, pushing mobs back and avoiding attacks incase you used >>AS and A cancel is too slow. In PvP this skill is good for mind games to force enemies to move away from your front, and if they get hit, you can easily cancel and >>AS them to start a combo. Stalling for cooldown is a good use for this skill in PvP, and it's also good for positioning enemies where you want them. The other thing that makes this skill truly useful is the ability to maintain air time. Although it doesn't keep as much air time as crosscut, it does come close and might help you get enough time for another kicking to get you more air time.

Stage: 0 or 1
PvP: 1

Originally Posted by Yumiko
If you backdash cancel Whirlpool Sword fast enough, it freezes/stuns the enemy after the 1st hit.
Originally Posted by Khoon
[C4] Flying Dragon Sword
This skill is extremely useful for Sieg. Sieg charges forwards, and jump slashes into the air, doing 4 hits in total. If you're too far away, the enemy is too high or low, or you're off centered, you might end up doing less than 4 hits. Since this skill is now cancelable, you can follow up on this skill with a high damage skill or a melee string (half dash AAAA kicking etc.) Also, while Sieg is charging, he is invincible, so he cannot get hit in that duration. However, while he is preparing to charge, jump or is jumping, he can be hit, and when he is in the air, he is extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks. This skill strangely cannot be canceled at level 11 and 12 (Level 10 has been confirmed cancelable by Ultimaga), but can be canceled at any skill level lower. I recommend at least 1 point to all builds for the invincibility, and more if they like the damage.

Stage: 1 or Max
PvP: 1 or Max

Originally Posted by Ultimaga
FDS can in fact be cancelled at level 10.
[C5] Infinity Meteor Sword
This skill is probably one of the coolest looking skills Sieg has (Until lel 80 skill comes along and puts this to shame =P). Sieg does an attackspamcombo that comprises of Kicking, crosscut, skyslashing and whirling sword. If this skill hits the enemy standing on the ground, it is unescapable even with the use of invincibility frames or even play dead. Now that the skill can be canceled, getting this skill becomes even better. You can use this skill at max decay then continue your combo afterwards. However, this skill eats a yummy 200+ MP that you could have used for another skill, but it at least stalls for 6 seconds for cooldowns, and your regeneration during those 6 seconds recovers you around 55 MP, so your gains outweigh your losses (Unless you're at 0 HP and low on MP lol). The stalling is very good for PvP, and the damage that it gives in stage is amazing. I would recommend putting at least 2 points if you're planning to use this skill, and skip it if you don't want it. Level 1 Infinity Meteor Sword is extremely slow and you can't really do much with it (except lose air time lol). The new patch buffed IMS's damage, and now it is also a good choice for dealing damage to enemies. Level 4+ causes Infinity Meteor Sword's damage to be stable, and do the same amount for every hit (May change up or down 1 damage). This skill causes a stun lock on enemies on the ground, so it can be followed by some other skills in a ground combo if cancelled.

Stage: 0, 2, 4, 7 or Max
PvP: 0, 2, 4 or Max

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