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[St0] Strike

[St1] Crosscut
An extremely useful skill in comboing. Sieg lunges and slashes forwards in an X twice. This skill is the 2nd best skill for combos since it has a low MP cost, low cooldown time and is very good at maintaining air time. The new Sieg patch gave his crosscut a high 700 damage PER HIT from crosscut. However, this skill isn't only good for combos. In Myth, crosscut does extremely high damage per hit with the STR bonus, and with a maxed true rage explosion, this skill probably outdamages most skills you have. Downside is that this skill eats a giant chunk of your MP at max level and if used carelessly, it could leave you with no MP for your other high damaging skills.

Stage: 0, 1 or Max
PvP: 1 or MAX

[St2] Destruction Fist
One of my most favorite skills on Sieg. Sieg punches the opponent with a hax strong punch. It's usually a combo ender unless it is used with Whirlwind Wave, which you can continue the combo since the target will hit the tornadoes and get launched again. With max multiplier in stage, it comes very close with the damage of Iron Hammer. However, it doesn't come close to the damage of New Destruction Fist at max multiplier. With the new Sieg patch, Destruction Fist can do 1.5k damage in PvP, making this skill a must have for easy damage.

Stage: 0 or Max

[St3] Blow
A very useful skill for Sieg. Sieg charges forwards and hits the opponent, knocking them down and stunning them. This basically gives you a free combo or attack on the opponent. Also, there's invincibility frames at the beginning of the skills when you start to charge forwards. This skill is more useful in PvP, since it can also be used to escape some situations where you could get killed, and for stunning the opponent. Although the stunning part may be impractical in stage, the invincibility frames and uses for escaping attacks should not be underestimated.

Stage: 0, 1
PvP: 1

[St4] Finishing Blow
This skill is amazing again! It used to be good in OB, until it turned to crap from the space reset patch and the damage being lower than down attack, but now it is good again. If you land it properly, it can do 700+ damage, and has a pretty decent cooldown time. I would definitely max this skill if you have the points and know how to use this, but this is probably better as a combo ender.

Stage: 0
PvP: 0 or MAX

Originally Posted by ZeroKunoichi
Finishing blow is still a good skill but it just depends on when to use it.
Finishing Blow turn Dash A to continue a combo against a wall is possible.
It can be used to reset just like SS and continue a combo.
CMS cancel Finishing Blow on a downed opponent to launch him into the full CMS is useful in PvP.

The downattack nerf made Finishing Blow actually worth getting for damage now. I mean in tournaments you don't get to use super long combos so why not finish with Finishing Blow and do an extra 500DMG for a kill.

[St5] Counter
This skill has saved me so many times in stage and in PvP. When a non-flinching monster spins at you, use it, and you do a lot of damage to it. The cooldown gets shorter as you put more points in this skill, so that's an added bonus. But the downside is that this skill is hard to use when you're playing Sieg for the first time. This can save you from a Destruction Fist to the face in PvP, and Lunia from sending you across the screen in Myth.

Stage: MAX (Depends on how often you use it)

[St6] Sky Slashing
This skill gives Sieg an opportunity to bust out his most damaging moves at full damage. Sieg jump in the air and slashes his opponent, and strikes the ground to launch the enemy into the air. The fact that the enemy touches the ground resets the decay, and when Sieg launches them again, they get launched according to the skill's level. The higher the skill level the higher the height after the 2nd hit. Level 1 sky slashing enables you to continue with any melee string or skill other than Flash Fate and Crescent Moon Sword. Level 9 allows all 3 hits of Flash Fate and allows Crescent Moon Sword to be used. The unescapable height for Sky Slashing is the area between a rebirthed Sieg's forehead, and the top of his head (Tested while wearing blue kimono headband). Sky Slashing isn't really needed in stage since it resets the multiplier, reducing the potential damage you could have done. Sky Slashing in PvP resets decay, which allows you to use your strongest skills at maximum damage. It is recommended to get this skill for PvP, and maybe take one point for staging if you want to do Sky Slashing cancels.

Stage: 0, 1
PvP: 0, 1 or 9

[St7] Iron Hammer
Sieg's strongest single skill attack. Sieg slashes upwards, and swings down, bringing a lightning bolt that strikes the area in front of him 5 times. The 5th hit knocks up enemies on the ground. The skill can be canceled after the slash by dashing. In PvP, the airtime and damage this skill gives is extremely useful. However, it is almost fatal for an enemy to try to run away from the lightning of Iron Hammer, since it will deal all 5 hits, which will consume a 50+% of the enemy's HP. The first 4 hits of Iron Hammer's lightning do not strike the ground, and the 5th hit can be avoided by using the get-up A invincibility. In stage, bosses take extreme damage since they cannot be juggled. With the new patch, Iron Hammer has a much shorter cooldown than its previous 5 minutes. Also, the Ancient Elf Hero 2 piece set effect and the Eternal Flame 2 piece set effect boosts this skill's damage by a lot more. AEH effect gives +50% damage upon activation of the skill, so the skill will do 50% more damage, and Eternal Flame has a 50% chance of casting Dragon Flute! This skill is a must max in all builds and is well worth the 6 points. With the new patch, Iron Hammer is stronger, but some other skills became better than it, so it can be taken for 4 points if you need to chip points into another skill like crosscut or finishing blow.

Stage: MAX
PvP: 4 or MAX

[St8] New Destruction Fist
The same as Destruction Fist, except you launch a giant force wave from your fist, and strike down targets a distance away from you. Targets that you hit point blank will be hit a SECOND time! This skill is far more powerful than the original, but since rebirth is looked down in PvP, you'll end up using this skill in stage more than PvP. Strangely, if monsters are a certain distance away, the force wave will pass through them and not damage them. If targets collide with each other, they will take collision damage, which is a % of the health. The requirement to be able to use this skill is become rebirthed atleast once.

Stage: MAX
PvP: 0, 1 for looks

[St9] New Iron Hammer

This skill looks pretty cool, but it isn't as good as the normal Iron Hammer by a long shot. Sieg slashes upwards, and when he swings down, 5 lightning bolts rain down in a line in front of him. The lightning bolts don't hit downed enemies, and standing get launched unless a 2nd bolt hits them. This skill is not cancelable like the normal Iron Hammer. This skill is probably only good for Myth, and even then it isn't as good as the normal Iron Hammer.

Requirement to use this skill is be rebirthed at least once.

Stage: 0 or Max
PvP: 0, 1 for looks

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