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Some GS tips, hints and general 'rules' to follow from my experiences. Writing it here as i'm not sure where else to write it;

1) If you don't have any hard hitting whacksticks and no one in your party does, bring a monk. SOMEONE will definitely get iced by turn 3 if you cannot drop the Mimic fast enough. Oracle is not really needed if you use scroll of life's blessings.

2) Bring some ranged hitters. Floor 2 has flying feesh which are... yeah, flying... They are just flat annoying, not to mention literally flat. Wish i could just step on them to kill em...

3) Recommended formation is a sideways H with the main standing in the middle;


Reason is, the Monk can awaken either the front or back line and the main will get awakened no matter which line. On floor 3 (Cabin of Endless Dawn) some of the lobstars have a lightning spear type attack. The sideways H prevents the back row from getting AP drained as opposed to the front/mid/main solo back formation where the front and midline will get drained.

4) Every fight will always be vs 3 groups, always. Focus and kill the Mimic first, then kill one full group before moving onto another group. Don't 'split up' and each battle your own individual groups. All 3 party members (if partied) should focus and wipe out an entire group each Player Phase.

Why? Simple. The adds are physical in the world. If the party dies, that group of 3 mobs will then start walking towards the gate, even if it only has one half dead mob in it, it is still an additional threat to the gate defense teams. If you kill an entire group, and your party dies, once the battle is over, that group that you killed will disappear, leaving only two mobs as opposed to 3. Generally though, dying is bad, very very bad. When you reengage the mobs, it spawns TWO MORE FAKES... No matter what, dying in a fight is very bad, which is why there is a Might and level requirement, to try and prevent deaths as it can sometimes make the run unwinnable if ppl keep dying and adding to the mob counter.

5) If you DO die, but your party survives. After the fight the party should run back to the portal or an agreed 'safe area' and try to meet up. DO NOT try to rejoin your party in the middle of the level unless the room is already mostly all tagged or clear. The chances of you getting agged by a loose mob are extremely high and unless you can solo 1v3, you're going to die, and add to the mob counter...

6) Do not EVER fight near the team's gate... If you do this in Warrior/Covenant/Paradise nation, the King will most likely KJ you afterwards. A lot of in-nation KJ's you see around the place where a nation leader/king KJ's a fellow nation member are most likely coz of something like this. When you enter the room, MOVE THE HELL AWAY FROM THE GATE. The reason is shockingly obvious; The mobs have a MASSIVE agro range and are already programmed to automatically walk towards the gate. The last thing you want to do is draw the mobs closer to the gate. If you were to die near the gate, guess where the mobs immediately turn to... yeah, exactly.

Do. Not. Fight. Near. The. Gate. End of story... unless you want to earn yourself a free KJ and the hate of all your fellow nation members for being responsible for a run failing if you happen to die and the mobs you were fighting agro the gate. The only people who should ever be in a battle near the gate are designated gate defenders, and these ppl are the ones who CAN fight 3v1 and win easily.

7) Be actively aware of the situation of the creeps in the world. The gate defense's job is to sit around the gate and engage anything if it gets too close. Their job isn't to fan out and engage, it's the job of the mob clearing teams to actually AID the gate defense by tagging mobs before they get within the defense's range. If a gate defender can spot a mob, that mob is already way too damn close. Keep an eye on the nation chat and listen for things like 'mob train incoming!', 'mob train heading for gate from northwest!' etc, or similar. If you see something like that, ACTIVELY head that way and engage.

8) Obey the raid leader's instructions at all times. Whatever the raid leader tells you to do, if they tell you do do it; there's no argument, you DO IT! Doesn't matter if you don't like the job, you DO it! The raid leader's instructions are ABSOLUTE. Without this coordination and obedience, a raid will NEVER succeed. If the raid leader tells you to do something, you do it, and when you have finished the job, you report back in nation chat that you've done it as the leader is usually hanging around the gate keeping an eye on the overall situation, but he can't see EVERYTHING. Communication is PARAMOUNT in raid success, which is the one reason why Meta would never have gotten this done... IN SOVIETS RUSSIA, RAID RUNS U!

That's pretty much all i can think of that's 'important' to know about GS and ND raids in general. Frosty can probably shed more insight as he is a very experienced raid leader.