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Slow motion

watch video here

This is pretty easy, and I'm sure you could use it for something. I'm just not sure what. *cough* BAYWATCH! *cough*
here's how you do it. for this guide, I'll show you how do edit eir's animations. honestly though, you can edit any class's animation that you want.

step 1: locate the eir.animation.xml file. it should be located in the zip folder, in the sub-folder "eir".

step2: drag it out into your animations folder. you'll need to type in the password here.

step 3: open it up with wordpad, or any other script editing program.

step 4: change any of the values that say "30.000000". the higher the value is, the faster the animation will be. and the lower you set the value, the lower the animation speed will be.
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