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Disabling the Chat Filter
after you get done with this mod, you'll be able to swear like a sailor! once this thing starts working, it will be so tempting to just rally off a couple hundred swears. well, please don't. I mean. I know me and a friend did, but... at that time we were the only ones that could see it! xD imagine if everyone had these filters. every 5th word would be a NON-swear! So please try to refrain from swearing. or if you absolutely must swear, keep the swearing out of the squares.

how it works:
the filter blocks in-coming and out-going swears. so if you have the filter, and no one else does, you will only be able to see your own swears. they won't see your swears though. but if 2 people have the same filter, they will be able to see the words just fine. also, I've noticed the guild chat filter doesn't seem to block words as often, which is nice.

shall we begin?
step 1: go to your locales folder.

step 2: go to your folder.

step 3: copy the invalid strings file and paste it somewhere outside the folder. you'll need to enter the password if you want to get the file out without corrupting it.

step 4: open up your invalidstrings.xml file so you can edit it. use either notepad or frontpage.

step 5: where it says forbidden strings value= "" delete everything within the quotes.

step 6: copy the edited invalidstrings.xml file back into your folder.

Finished! go ahead and try it out!
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Guides: Disabling your chat filter/ playing as boss monsters
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