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Playing as a Boss monster

step1: search around the lunia dds files until you've found a monster you want to use. the files can be found in [lunia\mapping\] or [lunia\mapping\glow]. for this tutorial, we'll be working with Wyldur.wylder's dds file is located in [lunia\mapping\glow].

step2: now you need to find the animation files for your monster. Go to [Lunia\animations] to find it. animation files will always be located in this folder, and for this particular monster, the animation files will be located at [insert place later]. copy the files from your monster's animation folder and past them into the modding folder. if you don't already have a modding folder, make one now. label it "sieg as wylder mod". inside this folder, make another folder called "antidote". the "antidote" folder is where you'll keep a back-up of all the files you'll be changing. it is your responsibility to keep backups of all files you decide to edit.

step3: now before you begin to add a monster into the game, its important to check and make sure your monster will work properly. (for some reason, I've tried and balog can't be used as a monster). to make sure that wylder will work, go to your modding folder and rename wylder.skeleton to sieg.skeleton. copy sieg.skeleton into your sieg's animation folder. [lunia\animation\\sieg] click yes when it asks you if you want to replace it.

step4: check to make sure it will work. run the client and connect to the square. it should look something like this:

if you haven't received a fatal error yet, that means you've done it right.

step5: now copy everything from your monster's folder into your modding folder. in another window, open up your sieg's animation files. you'll need to replace every .skinnedanim file in that folder if you want your creation to be flawless. but hey who am I kidding? we're a bunch of lazy-asses am I, right? just replace sieg_run.skinnedanim, sieg_dash.skinnedanim, sieg_stand.skinnedanim, and all of sieg's mesh files for his body parts. then if you want to, replace a few of his skills files as well. have I mentioned that it's your responsibility to keep track of all the back-up files?
in this picture I copied the monster files and pasted them into my antidotes folder so I could see which files I was going to want backups for.

Step6: once you're done finding backups, delete the files that shouldn't be in the antidote folder.

step7: Rename the files in the monster folder to match names of files in the regular sieg folder, and then do some copy/paste action.

Step8: oh and of course, never forget the .dds files! make sure you copy over the monster's dds files as well. for example, if the monster's dds file is "", then you'll want to take that one file and rename it 6 times. once for every part of your character's body. * * * Sieg_....

Step9:Run the game and see if everything went smoothly
The Results!

if you see anything that I need to add, let me know and I'll try to get it in. also, if anything confuses you I'll try to word it better and provide more examples.
[guide taken from (my personal website)
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Guides: Disabling your chat filter/ playing as boss monsters
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