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The Character Swap Mod

This guide can be used to make one character look like another character. I'm assuming we've all done clothing edits before, right? or at least I'm hoping that. if you haven't already tried clothing editing you'll want to run through light's guide at least once, because this guide will use a lot of the same concepts. however, I'm lazy and I don't want to waste too much time. so we're going to just assume you know how to clothing edit.

The character swap mod is very similar to the clothing edit mod. The difference is, you are not swapping items from the same folder. you're swapping items from separate folders. sound tricky? nah, its really easy. I'll show you how.

Part I- getting the dds files
step 1: select the characters you want to switch. for this edit, I'm going to turn my sieg into an eir.
step 2: make a folder. title it "Sieg becomes Eir". then, inside this folder, make 3 more folders. title them as follows: [Eir's C021_d files] , [Sieg's original 001 files] , and [renaming].

step 3. now that we have the main folders hammered out, its time to get the dds files for them. go to sieg's mapping folder first. [C:\lunia\mapping\sieg] search for his 001 files.

step 4: copy the files from the search into the [Sieg's original 001 files] folder.

step 5: do the same thing with eir's angel files. (eir's angel files come from [C:\lunia\mapping\eir]) copy the C021_d files into the [Eir's C021_d files] folder.

step 6: now copy those same files into the [renaming] folder.

step 7: proceed to rename all of eir's files so they can replace the original sieg's files.


Part II- Getting the mesh and animation files.

step 1: locate the animation folder in your Lunia client.

step 2: next hit the search button, and search your animations folder for "Sieg_*_001". copy over all the files to your [sieg's 001] folder.

step 3: next, go into, then into the sieg folder. from here, copy the following files into your [sieg 001] For this step, you will need to enter the password before it will let you finish the copy/paste process.

step 4: redo steps 2 & 3 but with eir's files this time. so instead of searching sieg_*_001, you'd search eir_*_c021. and instead of copying it into the [sieg 001] folder, you'd copy it into the [eir's c021] folder.

STOP!: you may have noticed that eir has no eir_support_c021.skinnedmesh file! Use Eir_support_001.skinnedmesh instead, and you'll do just fine.

step 5: redo step 4 but instead of copying the files into [eir's c021] folder, copy them into the [rename] folder.

Part III - replacing old files

step 1: right click the screen in your [rename] folder. then arrange it by type. this will help group common file types and make it easier to copy over.

step 2: copy all the files in the [rename] folder (with the exception of dds files), and paste them into the sieg folder. (the sieg folder inside the folder- in case you were unsure) when it asks you if you want to replace the files, click yes to all.

Step 3: Next copy all the dds files into the sieg mapping folder. When it prompts you to replace the files, click yes to all.



mine came out all shiny except for the head because I didn't bother cold shining the head.

Q & A

Q: why did my sieg come out looking all messed up and pixelated?
A: if your sieg came out looking all messed up and contorted, here is why:
a. you aren't wearing the 001 set that we made. (001 is the first degree fierce tiger gear)
b. the .skinnedanimation files , .skinnedmesh files, or the .skeleton files were not copied correctly
c. have you tried loading the square yet?

Q: why does my sieg glitch up when I go to do an attack?
A: did I mention I'm lazy? I only told you how to edit the essential animations in this guide. its up to you to figure out the rest.
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