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Default Lunia: The Matrix and You! (Client Editing Guide/Tutorial)

Before I start with the guide client editing, be sure to read these important notes before doing anything!

Damaging your client: As with all client editing, you always face a risk of accidentally damaging files.
Take note that I am not responsible for any damage done to your client or system in the event something goes wrong, but I will try and help you through it if possible.

Reputation: I put a lot of time and effort into making this guide, so please share your thanks by giving me some reputation.

Plagiarism: Please do not take this guide and take it as your own. If you must share it with others, then be sure to credit myself along with a link to this page as a source. also, if you use any of the guides by light be sure to do the same thing.

Exploits: uhhh.... no comment.

Lagging:In the case that an edit is not properly done, it is possible you will notice an increase in lag when the edit is on screen. You may simply redit it or return it to normal to fix the problem.

Flaming- If you're here to flame, please do us all a favor and GTFO. I hate flamers.

If you comply with the above statements, then let us begin! [Introduction can be attributed to Light. I pretty much copied his format for this first post.]

Getting Started-
Tools and Requirements - make sure you have them all!

Beginner Guides:
Color Editing/Skill Editing - Part of the guide that covers color editing (Guide Created by Light)
Modifying Clothing - Part of the guide that covers changing your characters appearance in game. (Guide Created by Light)
Transparency - Learn about making any 2d texture more transparent. (Guide Created by Light)
Custom Edits - Part of the guide that covers custom editing skills (Guide Created by Light)
Disabling your chat filter (Guide Created by Taylor)

Intermediate Guides:
NPC Editing + Perfect Cutting/Alpha Layering (Guide Created by Light)
Modifying Text - Part of the guide that covers text editing. In this segment, it's NPC Text. (Guide Created by Light)
Advanced Rebirth Wing Editing + the level 99 effect (Guide created by Taylor)

Advanced Guides: (for people who have a lot of time and skill)

Playing as another character class (Guide Created by Taylor)
Playing as a boss monster (Guide Created by Taylor)
NPC's as Bosses (Guide Created by Taylor)
Locales map (Guide Created by Taylor)
Making a noob item seem like a "SUPER AMAZING WOAH OMG! NO WAAAYYY" item (Guide Created by Taylor) not finished

Easy Tricks & Tweaks[/b]
Slow motion Guide (Guide Created by Taylor)
Square Floor Mod (Guide Created by Taylor)
Item info changing (Guide Created by Taylor) not finished
invisibility (Guide Created by Taylor) Not finished
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Guides: Disabling your chat filter/ playing as boss monsters
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