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Default Kirameki Guild Policy

Kirameki Guild Policy

"As decided at our guild meeting, a policy for the guild was created. Actually, it was more combined since most of the sections therein were already discussed elsewhere. This is mainly for new people to know what is expected of them when they join - the members we currently have are all outstanding. It's a lot of reading, but most of it is common sense. New applicants are encouraged to read the entire document - this is the standard we expect from our members." -NoeJeko

Kirameki is a guild created by friends to make friends and enjoy the game. Kirameki participates in Guild verses Guild (GvG or Guild Wars, in games that have that system) but participation will be voluntary. If you wish to join solely for the social aspect we will not require you to participate in PvP or GvG.

By applying to join Kirameki, you agree to abide by these policies. If accepted, you will be bound by the conditions herein. Some of these guidelines are common sense – but situations have shown a requirement to put it on paper. This policy has been created from the initial guidelines, circumstances that have surfaced since the creation of the guild, and guild meetings.

I. Integrity. Honesty is doing the right thing when people are watching you; integrity is doing the right thing when no one else will know the difference. Integrity is a requirement for all members - if we cannot trust each other then the guild needs not exist. Any breaches of integrity (lying, deception, etc) will be answered with a warning.

A. Hacking and Cheating. Hacking or cheating will not be tolerated. Period. Hackers are defined as any individual who creates or uses a program, library, or any other type of file specifically designed to circumvent the physics of the game or perform unauthorized modification to the game client for the same. A cheater is one who knowingly exploits a known bug for his or her own advantage or to cause grievance to another player. No-reload hacks are examples of hackers while nuking (in accordance with the “personal gain or grievance” clause) is an example of cheaters. This includes assisting hackers or cheaters in any form - tanking, healing, partying, selling/giving items, etc. If you knowingly use or create any system to bypass the normal physics of the game, assist those that do, or knowingly exploit any known bug nuking (in accordance with the “personal gain or grievance” clause) you are in violation of this rule. All claims against this rule must be accompanied by evidence (screenshots or video) to be valid. Drill hacking accusations must be accompanied by a video; screenshots are not sufficient. The only exception is if the member is caught by the guild leader or a sub-leader. Any member found in violation will be dismissed from the guild and denied re-entry.

II. Loyalty. In any team, loyalty is paramount to creating a working, cohesive unit. By joining this guild, I offer to you my loyalty as your guild leader. I also expect your loyalty to the guild. Members found acting in disloyalty (sharing guild secrets, assisting enemy guilds, etc. will be dealt with according to the severity of the infraction. If you have characters in multiple guilds you must report each character, the guild they are in, and the leader of the guild on Kirameki's official forums. Should the two guilds ever become enemies or if the other guild becomes an "unrecognized guild" you must choose where your loyalties lie.

III. Participation and Activity. Guild members are required to check the forums, as much as reasonably possible, at least once a day. Important information is passed via the forums – some of which decide vital aspects of the guild and its leadership. Guild members are encouraged to log into the game at least once a day – but I will set no requirement for in-game activity at this time. Life, school, work, and the absence of job advancements (for higher-level members) are all reasons that I don’t feel it’s fair to set a defined activity requirement. However, if members are going to be inactive for extended periods of time (3 days or more), I ask that you notify us in-game or via forum posts. Once a set meeting schedule is announced, members will be required to attend one meeting per month. Members will not be limited – you may attend as many of the sessions as you like. We will do our best to ensure meetings are planned at times convenient for everyone. Members that do not contact us after 10 days will receive a warning; members out of contact for over 30 days will be removed from the guild as we will assume you have abandoned the character. Basically, just keep in touch and let us know what’s going on and you’ll be fine.

A. Further Clarification on Activity. Joining the guild, logging onto the game, and leveling up do not solely count as "activity". Members who join and do not participate in guild events, guild meetings, forum discussions, guild chat, guild parties, or ventrilo will be assumed as inactive and will be removed from the guild. Note that participation in everything is not required - but participation in something is.

IV. Respect. Members are required to show proper respect to all players (not just Kirameki members). Proper respect is defined as respect based upon the respect you have been given. I will not require members to show respect towards an individual that will not do the same for them. Members are required, however, to respect all other members and members of officially recognized allied guilds. I would encourage all members to stand up for each other should one get flamed/disrespected (in parties, on forums, etc) but I will require that you not join in. Any incidents of members flaming or disrespecting others will receive warnings.

V. Image. Once a member of Kirameki (or any other organization), your actions no longer reflect solely upon you. Your actions reflect on each member of the organization. People will formulate opinions of the guild based upon your actions. It isn’t fair that all are judged by one, but it is a reality. Keep this in mind with everything you do. If you are in doubt, ask yourself, “would I want my guild to be seen this way?” The most powerful form of communication is actions and example.

VI. Miscellaneous. If you are not a guild leader or sub-leader, do not speak on behalf of the entire guild. Even if your intentions are good this can often lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings – making a situation worse. If you have an issue with another member, please try to work it out with that member before addressing it with guild leadership. If you cannot resolve the issue we will be more than happy to assist you. If you do not feel comfortable addressing the issue with the other member you can always ask us to help. Also, please address any issues with Kirameki members and officially recognized allied guild members in private. To address such issues in public degrades guild image – even if the intent was not the same.

VII. Accountability. Members are accountable for their own actions. In the guild, or in life, one should never perform any action without being fully aware and willing to accept the consequences. While the word “consequences” carries a negative connotation, all actions have them – good and bad. A consequence of being a friendly person and helping others is that you make more friends and are a more well-liked person.

A. Warnings. Warnings will be issued for infractions in accordance with the appropriate clause of this policy. Additionally, guild leadership can issue a warning any time the circumstance warrants the warning and other resolution methods have failed. Warnings are not permanent – their duration will be decided by the issuing individual not to exceed 30 days. Members accumulating 5 unexpired warnings will be dismissed from the guild. Given the caliber of people we have, I expect that this clause will never need to be enforced.

VIII. Leaders and Sub-Leaders. As your guild leader, I am not above this policy. The same is true for the sub-leaders. You are expected to be the example of this guild policy to other members. Infractions will be dealt with more severely for members in a leadership role. You are also expected to enforce this policy when necessary. Enforcement must be just and impartial – in other words don’t let one person off because they are your friend while throwing a hammer at someone else because you don’t particularly like them. Any sub-leader that proves they are incapable of handling the responsibility will return to normal member status. It should also be pointed out that character level is not a basis for deriving authority.

A. Responsibilities. As a sub-leader, you may be responsible for conducting guild meetings, organizing guild events, and assisting members with issues/conflicts. Don’t try to handle more than you are capable – this is why we have three sub-leader positions. Ask your fellow sub-leaders or me for help if you have more than you can handle. It is highly encouraged that all sub-leaders have an account on the guild’s ventrilo server. You are also responsible for forum moderation. Please ensure that conversations don’t stray too far off topic and that topics remain in the appropriate location (i.e. if you see a thread in the public section that should be private, please move it). Please also refrain from issuing warnings on the MyMMOGames forums unless the situation absolutely demands it. We aren’t moderators for that forum – just our little corner of it.

A-I. Game Master (GM) Bans. Getting banned for something you could have avoided reflects poorly upon yourself and the guild as a whole. A member of another guild was recently forced to change his character’s name. Effective immediately, any member receiving a GM ban for any reason that involves them violating Ntreev rules, regardless of how insignificantly they see the infraction, will receive a warning. Bans outside the scope of this clause will be evaluated individually. In accordance with section I-A of this policy, any GM bans for hacking will result in dismissal from the guild.

A. Reporting bans. Members are required to report any bans from the GMs immediately to guild leadership via forum PM. If the member so wishes, they can post in the public or private section about the ban to warn other members. Failure to properly report a ban will result in 3 warnings for the member based upon lack of integrity.

A-III. Application Procedures. New applicants wishing to join must first submit a properly completed application via our guild forums. The proper format can be found in the recruitment forum. Any application not properly submitted will be disregarded. After applying, the applicant must receive a recommendation from a guild leader. Applicants without a recommendation will not be considered. A recommendation from any core member will be also sufficient. A core member is any member who has been in Kirameki for over 60 days.

Reasoning on this: We've had quite a few applicants that were accepted, joined, and then just... disappeared. If the guild leader doesn't know the applicant, other members that do are more than welcome to give advice to the person recommending.

A-IV. Sexual Harassment. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated in this guild. Period. If a guild leader receive a report from any member and, after investigation, find that report substantiated, then we will remove the offender. Identical to our hacking policy, there will be a zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment.

I will not even begin to define sexual harassment - the level varies too greatly from person to person. Know this, if the person you are talking to says stop, you stop. I don't care if the comments/actions happen in PM, on AIM, on MSN, in party chat, over email, over the phone, or face to face.

Because you can't be expected to know everyone's limit, we ask that guild members at least attempt to ask the offender to stop before reporting instances to guild leaders. If they do not stop after asked once, rest assured we will take swift and absolute action. If it continues once they are removed from the guild, we will assist in every way possible in reporting the incidents to the game staff and, if need be, the proper law enforcement agency.

Sexual harassment is not only immoral, but it is a violation of federal (for US citizens) and international law. Such behavior is incompatible with our guild's purpose.

A-V. Kicking. Kirameki will no longer kick people from the guild for convienience. We will, as stated in policy, kick for inactivity or violation of the rules. We will not kick you so that you can join another guild or because you just wanted to leave.

We will ask that you withdraw instead.
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