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Default News from Moogles' Current Nation

World Clock: Time - Current time around the World and standard time zones map of the world- 12 format
Main AOe Site: Atlantica Online : Strategic Turn-based MMORPG from NDOORS : the place for Free Online Games and Online RPGs
Illuminati Nation Website: ILLUMINATI



On a final decision of our new nation king of Illuminati, BattlerPig of the LordsofBlood Guild has optioned to be the next king and was accepted based on a collective vote of guild leaders of the nation.

Congrats and good luck to BattlerPig!



Mail that came in-game:
Originally Posted by Danito
Greetings, guild leaders and chief officer of Illu. As you all knows Elronds has quit and we need to decide on a new king. All guilds hav 1 vote, to vote who shall be the next king. Please mail me your votes via mail either by ur chief officer or leader.

Please also note that, the votes need to be recieved by me latest on Sunday stamina reset, (29HRS from now). In the event where no one votes, I shall have the honor of choosing the next king. I do not want to be king. Good luck! Regards.


Updated Daily ND Schedule* (not set in stone):

Wednesday - stamina +5
Friday - stamina +6
Saturday - stamina +5
Sunday - stamina +5

*schedule based on PST (GMT -8), AOe timezone



Current Daily ND Schedule (not set in stone):

Wed - GS - stamina +4
Fri - Babel - stamina +1
Sat - GS - stamina +4
Sun - Babel/ALC - stam +4



Moogles is now in the Illuminati Nation! I recommend visiting their site at: ILLUMINATI for rules and what-not.



Captain's Log #M491B

Moogles has left Neverland and will now travel to it's new home, the Illuminati Nation! So grab your suitcases as it will be a 24 hour travel


Neverland News [Archived]:

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