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Really nice guide. My only suggestion would be if you could add a Table of Contents-ish section at the very top and put a code for each section. That way, people can use the search function if they are looking for a specific part of the guide instead of having to scroll through it. Either way, the guide is good.

I need a bit of advice on something though. When I made my sheep I made her into a Electric/Water Sheep. Electro Attack is fun but I would like to use the Wind skills instead. The only problem is that I have Mastered Electro Attack and of course the Seal of Thunder. I also have Lv10 Mana Arrow because of my need for it as a Lightning/Water sheep. If I use Masters Authority to reset to a Wind/Earth Sheep should I get rid of Mana Arrow so I can get Mana Ring? I know that I am going to be ridding myself of Seal of Thunder, Water and Electro Attack and I also have 9 points remaining at the moment. After I get rid of those skills I plan on getting Wind Blade Mastered. After that I want to start working on Cleaving Terra, then Mana Ring, then Storm. Is that fine or should I do something else?

Sorry for the loooong post. I tend to write too much fluff. x_x;

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