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Okay, uploading a beta version up here now: Enjoy v0.6, which includes damage data for Eir.

LSC v0.6 (Patch, 37 KB), for the guys with a really bad connection


LSC v0.6 (Full, 1 MB)

Also, for the data for max+1, max+2 skill levels, I guessed the values of them, but still I think I should be no more than 1 or 2 damage/HP/whatever away from the true value. I can't say that for Shout lv 4 & 5 though. In any case, I might have made typos, or just straight out errors, if you find something that's wrong, tell me =D.

@Lunar: I spent a long time thinking which small buttons you were talking about =p Anyway, you can also just click the textbox left of the little up-down buttons, then use the arrow keys to increase/decrease the values, if that makes things easier.

And I had an other idea instead, I think I should copy some of the data to the rb page, so you can have an overview there as well. But you'll have to wait for v0.7 for that *puts on todo list and hopes to not forget about it (the list I mean =p)