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Originally Posted by Lunar
o yea.... -_- i reformated recently so i have nothing lol

ok i tested and...
"additional skill points" doesn't change but it still adds
and it allows u to go over the amount of SP u have

and i dont like the lil buttons D: my hand eye coordination fails lol
It's supposed to work like that:
- The additional skill points (the one where you can enter stuff in) are meant for the SP you get by using SP+1 vouchers, not the SP you get by rbing.
- About the "can assign more SP than you have" thing, actually, I deliberately did it that way, because of a bug in the JP LSC: Say you have a lv 90 build (all points assigned), and you "reduce" it to a lv 80 build, then the JP LSC won't change the assigned SP (since all the skill's requirements are satisfied anyway), but it will say that you have assigned 12 SP too many. You can't reduce any skill to make it work though, since reducing any skill will inevitably leave with insufficient SP, and the JP LSC doesn't allow that. So the only thing you can do, is increase the level again, and then do the stuff you want to do. So until I find a way to deal with that problem, I won't implement a limit yet. (meh, long story D=)