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Default My new Skill Calculator! [Latest version: beta 0.7]

Patches (from stable v0.5 *and up*):
LSC, beta version 0.7 (37 kB)
LSC, beta version 0.6 (37 kB)

Full versions:
LSC, beta version 0.7 (1.01 MB)
LSC, beta version 0.6 (1.01 MB)
LSC, stable version 0.5 (1.01 MB)

Beta 0.7 additions:
- SP limit implemented
- Added Lunar's suggestion of merging the Rb page with the skill info page.

- Basic skill calc functionality minus skill damages. (Beta versions include Eir skill damages.)
- Export functionality either as a plaintext, or as a image containing a character sheet (.bmp/.png/.jpg)
- Support for 6 Rebirths
- Support for 99 +1 skill vouchers
- Support for +1 [Skill] graded equipments


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