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PokkePirate is on a distinguished road
IGN: PokkePirate/Safety
Class: Treasure Hunter/Mei-To-Be lt_treasurehunter
Level: 125/Level'ing
Guild: Royalty

Read the Guild Rules:Yes, to the point where I can recite them in my sleep :]
Character IGN: PokkePirate
Character Job/Class: Treasure Hunter
Character Level: 83, sorry I'm not 100+ but Ive spent my past 172 levels looking for the perfect class that fits my gaming style and with my Treasure Hunter, this is it.
Activeness: 10 hours a day.
Main Character: Yes

Real Name: Quoc
Age: 15
Nationality/Ethnic: Asian
Location: USA, Ohio
Time Zone: EST
What you do for a living: I am currently a freshman at the Lakota West Freshman Building >:3
Type of music you enjoy: Hip-Hop, R&B, Metal, J-Rock, Pop, Electronic, Anything with a good beat.
Microphone: Yes
Ex guild and the reason you left: In-activeness and when anyone was on, they don't talk (D:<)
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: I've always wanted to join Royalty but my noobiness stopped me from applying. I guess since I'm 80+ I'm not a noob anymore...right? Just looking for an active, fun, talkative guild where I can just hang out and chill with cool people :3

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