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Originally Posted by Kudaranai
Oh, I get it now. He (or she) is talking about the gray navigation bar on the side. Right now it lists all the games, even if you expand the list. (pressing show). He (or she) wants to remove the game list that are showing, since it takes up some space (like in the image above)....which I think is a bad idea. Editing the wiki is SO MUCH EASIER with those games listed. Plus, I jump from game to game all the time.
1st It's a "He"
2nd Yeah, I Wanted only the Game currently navigated visible, while Clicking "Games" to Bring up the rest.
But I have to admit, while this would mean you can navigate the current game easier (won't have to scroll too far down to reach a Link), but it Will make it Harder to Jump from game's section to another game's section...