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Originally Posted by MochiMeep
LaTale IGN(s): MintMochi (when i use to play XD)
Real Name: Sarah
Nicknames: Sara, Cakey ( ^3^ ) Small Fry ;3;(dont call me this...) , Shorty... ( or this...) , (TO MEANY NICKNAMES CRUSE YOU FIRENDS >:X!!!) "That japanese girl who danced on the bench and then fell off" ( dont ask |3)
||| games||| Minty, Kii, Mochi, Ayame, the queen of "|3"
Birthday: April 24
Messenger: You all should already know this |3...
Hobbies:Playing my instraments ( electric, acoustic , classical guitars; jazz, pricousion and contra bass), Drawing ( not so much any more), reading , Studing ( no im not crazy >:x!!) , Listing to music |3 ( that not surpising |3...) , bugging my bf XD, collecting dolphin stuff animals ^3^
Timezone/Place: West Coast
Like: Pie |3 (no not you pie the food pie >:x!!!) pasta or noodles ;3;, my bf XD, MIKU HATSUNE!!! XD!!!!, Tea |3 (any kind will do |3) , going around the beach natuer perserves around my college XD (there so peasful O3O) , going to coffee shops and jsut talking to people |3, my 3 kittys XD
Dislike:Singing (stop forcing me to ;3; ), those people who eat the stupid wasabi in sushi restrants then spits it out on the table forcing me to clean it up >:x!!!, Compossing music (WHYYY ;3;!!!) , Creepy people, stalkers (staires at a person in guild >|x ), OGP , being called shorty or any equivlent.... , that sea gull that stold my food one day!, the feeling of falling off on my bf moter cycal soooo scary ;3;!, praticing with my band becuse the force me to sing |3..., my roomies stupid evil bunnie >:X!!!!
Dreams/ Future Goals: A Masters In electrical engeneering and a minor in mathimatics XD
Bio/ Other things about you: I'm insane XD! attualy im more overly hyper |3, yes I'm japanese |3... (never knew why other people in other games made a big deal about that thou |3 ) yes im short to ;3;, and i my current hair color is a lite brown XD ( yes im proud of my hair >:x!!) i was also born in the states and dont bother asking me to translate japanese for you becuse i A) forgot most and B) never learn to speak it fluwently XD

PS. I want to own pie >:3
Isnt me .