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IGN: Sakura180/Shadowx33
Class: Warlord/Knight lt_warlord
Level: 8x/3x
Guild: FrenchBread/Seraph

Name: Tina
Nicknames: Tiny Tina (-_-''' i hate this nickname, i only got it cuz i was short somewhat)
Latale IGN: Sakura180/iboredom <----------- this one in FB
Birthday: July 7th
Hobbies: I dont do much so i guess just playing Latale? I mostly enjoy watever Im doing at the time. I like writting and listening to music.
Place/Timezone: GMT -5 New York ftw!~
Favorites: Blue. Nuff said.
Dreams/Future Goals: I really dont know... Writting stories/poems are what i do most so if anything i hope to publish them.
Ethnicity: not a ABC But I am american born vietnamese
Bio/things About me: I loves the rain and wind. I'm very tomboy-ish, so eh.. yea. I'm hyper but calm. I'm really quite complicated. I can act really bi-polar a lot, and I’m pretty obsessed with music. I listen to about everything except those long songs that dont have lyrics.I really like Rock music or emo music what ever its called, somewhat metal, and music that has a lot of meaning in the lyrics. I love using the piano. Another thing I really like is writing. I write poems, stories, and SOMETIMES lyrics. My attempts for lyrics usually fail though so I don’t try much. I still go to hell..... my bad i think its called Jr.High. I play handball in my spare time even tho i basicaly fail at it. Nothing more to say about me~

LaTale IGN: Sakura180

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