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LaTale IGN(s): Sorrowful
Nicknames: Sorbet ? and Sorrow
Birthday: September 19th
Hobbies: Music, sketching, graphic designing, and staying up so late i hear the annoying morning birds chirping.
Timezone/Place: GMT -5
Favourites: Lasagna, pad thai, chinese noodles, soymilk, apple juice, and mangos.
Dreams/ Future Goals: Ehhhh... learn to cook and paint.
Bio/ Other things about you: I'm a sarcastic, jokey person who likes black humour (dark comedy) so don't take what i type too seriously. Since its hard to show tone over in just text i use a lot of "^_^ XD x.X o.o". I like talking a lot but sometimes i get into super leveling mode and respond really slowly. Yeah... thats it!

[LT] Forkables ■ FrenchBread ■ Lv. 8x Tinkering Through Quest Backlog
[LT] Sorrowful ■ FrenchBread ■ Lv. 11x Nursing Extensive Injuries

■ ‏ ‏  Status : Barely Alive ‏ ‏  ■

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