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1. "Tiers are for *****s!" Anyway, I have an old, old draft guide on main characters that I was able to dig up. May update this in the future if I can remember to do so, but this does give a general understanding on it:

Missing from it is the guitar class, which is a long range character with artillery-like range, but does spear grid damage.

2. There are no "job level ups" in terms of choosing what's your next class or whatever. Mercenaries rely on just upgrades to improve stats and possibly expanding their skill set.

3. Difficult class to get going I would say is the artillery. Money isn't really an issue for any main character, but the difficulty in training would be harder as an artillery main because its damage output (arty's are made to stun the hell out of your opponents and stack AoE DoT skills. A very support class).

Try to treat this MMO as a non-traditional game. The learning curve is a little higher than the usual F2P MMOs. But overall, just a really different type of MMO that only certain people would enjoy. Also, if you happen to join us, be sure to visit the Sikyon server so I can add you to my guild :3.