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Originally Posted by theSinned
what >_>? ok, why would there be a hacker in lunia in the first place? Lunia isn't exactly close to easy to hack and character introductions would help.

Planetman - made me think of Captain Planet, had to actually look for some lunia based which was Rotom to clear up my confusion
also from the very little i've read, no offense but i'm picturing a stephenie myers
who the hell is stephanie meyers? also, what do you mean, we don't hack? what about the dupe hack? that was a hack. and we "mod" stuff all the time. I'd say "modding" is running rampant in lunia right now. and for dramatic effect, in the movie, lets just call it hacking. it would sound kind of lame if the bad guys could only mod. yes. beware of the modders that will make your clothing appear to be a different color. oh teh noes! that's lame. hackers are much better for the sake of plot! beware the hackers that can summon the monsters from myth 4 and set them loose on the squares. beware the hackers that completely control the game's reality. beware the hackers that can crash entire episodes. see the difference?

Originally Posted by sentythee
If the hacker has the only means of escape, then he has to come back so PLANETMAN can get out?! Or Static must know a way to escape, otherwise he wouldn't have teleported into it?! Either way, you'd have to give more background info or get out of the dungeon so PLANETMAN can do something. And there has to be a reason why STATIC doesn't want to/can't let the others out.

I can't read that topic, don't want to sign up.

I should add that I'm not sure what you're looking for .-.
static found planetman using the necklace around PLANETMAN's neck. then he teleported back out because finding the square was easy for him. and um... if you find a reason why he didn't let the others out, let me know...
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