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Godless is an unknown quantity at this point
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ya i play kgc and thats how it is there. And yes about the orc seals, you are right lol. Its awesome

PS: starts at lv 5, but of course noone never finishes by lv 5 because of the 300 frags and 10 seals -_-
btw Ryans 2nd job has 3 parts -_-

EDIT:nephilim isnt buyable with GP, Sieghart is free upon release, and 2nd job (1st in KGC) starts at a high lv because it is first job making Knight for example, A basic class
Elsword Characters:
Godless Lv 50 Blade Master-Active
ChaosEclipse Lv 56 Reckless Fist-Active
TyphoidChaos Lv 46 Lord Knight
DivineDeity lv 40 Code Empress
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Void lv 46 GrandArcher
Emplosion Lv 38 Shooting Guardian
RagingSol Lv 30 Fury Guardian

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